Wednesday, November 17, 2010

France Accuses Iranian Security of Committing "Unacceptable Acts of Violence" Against French Embassy Officials

From the BBC:

France has accused Iranian security services of committing "unacceptable acts of violence" on French diplomatic personnel in the Iranian capital.

The entry to the French embassy residence in Tehran was blocked by unidentified officials on Sunday, said the French foreign ministry.

"[They] proceeded to arrest guests of the French ambassador and carried out unacceptable acts of violence against French diplomatic personnel," it said.

Iran has not commented on the claims.

Correspondents say the incident is the latest signal of ongoing tensions between France and Iran, partly strained by France's tough stand on Iran's nuclear program.
Sounds like France has taken America's place as The Great Satan. It really says a lot about Obama's lack of resolve, when France becomes the enemy of the Mullahs.

In the past, France has offered to help Iran with it's nuclear program. France has acted as a friend to Iran.

If Iranian Security attacks French Embassy diplomatic officials in this way, my guess is, Iran must have some evidence that France is colluding with Israel in monitoring Iran's nuke program.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

If you dance with the devil, you will get burned. End of. Tough!