Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Andrew Gilligan'sExpose of Islamist School Inspectors UK.

Andrew Gilligan has a pretty eye-opening account of the infiltration of school inspectors with links to far Right Islamist organisations into the school inspectorate. I’m not going to summarise the article – it bears reading in full.One particular case is worth a little further comment:

Among the schools directly inspected by Ofsted was the Madani Girls’ School, a private Islamic school in London’s East End.
Its Ofsted report, written by Mrs Messaoudi, said it made pupils “aware of their future role as proactive young British Muslim women” and left them “well-prepared for life in a multicultural society”.
However, the Madani Girls’ School’s own website openly states: “If we oppose the lifestyle of the West, then it does not seem sensible that the teachers and the system which represents that lifestyle should educate our children.”
It says that under western education “our children will distance themselves from Islam until there is nothing left but their beautiful names”.
Read the rest here. 

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