Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Andrew Bostom at Big Peace reports that the court of The Hague wants to make things even worse for Geert Wilders by allowing the hateful imam Fawaz Jneid to sue Wilders for using his hatemongering as one of the examples to make the point about Islam in his documentary short Fitna. Jneid was surely one of the reasons why Theo Van Gogh was murdered. Jneid even incited against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and has recently been radicalizing Muslim children. Wilders' response to this bigoted man in 2008 was as follows:
This hateful imam has cursed [former MP and Islam critic] Ayaan Hirsi Ali, [filmmaker and assassinated Islam critic] Theo van Gogh and [Iranian-born law professor] Afshin Ellian. And he has said the most terrible things. He shouts louder than a pig. I’m not going to pay him a single dime.
Nor should he even bother going to the kangaroo court that's collaborating with this Islamofascist criminal in an effort to stifle free speech. This does tell however, how European courts are going to need serious restructuring to prevent dangerous criminals from exploiting them. That's something Wilders' own party needs to make clear in their coalition agreements in the parliament.


jwenting said...

The courts (and especially prosecution service) didn't even want to press charges, let alone let it go to trial.

That was ordered by another court, under direct orders from the ministery of justice (and indirectly, parliament).

The court now in session was carefully selected for their political views, in order to ensure a guilty verdict and no doubt maximum sentence.
The complaints court that denied a motion to dismiss the court was chaired by a Muslim, a dual nationality Moroccan/Dutch man, again no doubt chosen specifically to ensure this outcome.

The court system itself works, it's the political control over them by leftists who want to remove a pesky person who's threatening their cushy jobs and position of power that's the problem here (our laws don't have a clause stating you can't "offend Islam", let alone a definition of what that means. There's also nothing that indicates that stating the truth is not allowed if someone doesn't like the truth about them. The charges and penalties to be imposed have been cooked up out of thin air for no other reason than to criminalise opposition to the political elite in the Netherlands, and no doubt after the inevitable guilty verdict that verdict will be used to file criminal charges in order to have Mr. Wilders' party (who now control a fair chunk of parliament) declared a "criminal organisation" and as a result outlaw membership of the party and force them to disband, leaving those seats to the political elite.

Such is the state of democracy in the Netherlands today.
We've gone beyond mere murder of political opponents (Fortuyn) towards criminalising opposition.

Juniper in the Desert said...

@jwenting: thanks for your comments, they have clarified some things. similar things going on in UK with terrorist Binyam Mohammed, who wanted to keep secret that he has been given British citizenship even tho he is Ethiopian jihadi!!

Dixon Webb said...

Astute . . . Wilder needs more support. He seems to stand alone over there. The guy is spot on and recognizes the terrible danger of radical Islam. Too many European wimps have stood aside and let them take over. Now we are doing the same in America. We've just got to listen to people like Wilder.