Saturday, September 11, 2010

Swedish Arabic-Speaking Nazis Break in and Torture Candidate!

Via Trop:
In Sweden Democrats on Friday organized a meeting square in central Malmö. About 500 left-wing extremists sabotaged the meeting by including, rockets and arson. Later in the evening appeared a couple of leftist extremists at the apartment of the Sweden Democrat, David von Arnold, who is a candidate to municipality and county.

With knife threats they forced themselves into the apartment where in about 20 minutes they were torturing David with a knife, for example, a neck scratch and cut a swastika on his forehead.

Leftist extremists, who spoke in an Arab-like language and Swedish [...] threatened David because he participated in the Square meeting together with their leftist counterparts [...], also took the chance to steal David's computer and money before they disappeared.
The governments of the world have retreated behind the barricades and thrown their people to the fascislamic wolves!

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