Monday, July 12, 2010


A very liberal acquaintance of mine went to see a movie praising Fidel the other day. He dug it.

This lib is the kind of person who is still saying Bush "STOLE" the election, but somehow forgives Fidel and Raul for not even having one once in the last 60 years.

But deep down this lib has some decent American values - values which run counter to the leftist dogma he so doggedly follows. He forgives Fidel becasue his partisan comnrades do, not becasue he has fully thought it out.

So I figgered I'd use the chasm between his values and the party line to open his eyes.

Here's what I said to him:

I said.... what if me and him and his richy-rich buddy went to lunch one day at his favorite restaurant. Me - being poor - ordered pasta for $30; he ordered osso bucco for $50, and his rich pal ordered truffles and foie gras and veal chops for $100. TOTAL: $180.

It was delicious.

The bill comes; we each fork up what we owe on what we each ordered.

A few minutes later the maitre'd returns; he says that because we were their 1,000,000 table served we're gonna get 50% off our bill and he puts $90 bucks on the table.
So... I asked my lib friend, what's the FAIREST most JUST way to distribute the $90? Should we split it evenly and each get $30? Or should we each get 50% off of what we each put in?

My lib friend said - without hesitation: we should each get back half of what we each put in: me $15; him $25 and his rich pal $50.

I then told him he just endorsed the Bush tax cuts.

He turned pale and his jaw dropped.

On a deep level, he realized that all the crap he'd heard and repeated FOR YEARS about the Bush Tax Cuts was total bullshit. The Bush Tax Cuts were indeed fair; they were not a tax break for the rich; everyone got back the same percentage of what they put in.

I told him he was a neocon at heart!

I then rubbed it in a little: I told him if he voted his values and not his party them he'd vote GOP sometimes.

I told him he should use his own values to figger out where he stood on any given issue and not wait to see what the editors of the NYTIMES said or columnists at THE NATION.

Many people on the left are the same way: they're on the left now because that's where they've been for decades; it's the circle they travel in and the papers they read, the TV shows and movies they see.

What we need to do to OPEN THEIR EYES is show them that leftist policies do not reflect most of the values they hold dear, nor do they achieve the social goals they've long hoped for.

If leftist policies worked than there'd still be a USSR, and Cuba and North Korea would be richer more wonderful places than they are; they wouldn't be places that people risk death to escape.

Conservative policies work. It's why and how Reagan and Thatcher saved the West.

Conservative policies have made South Korea a prosperous place, and the absence of these values is why North Korea is hell on Earth.

We need to deprogram as many people on the left as we can if we want to defeat leftism and jihadism.

We need as many of them as possible to open up their eyes before November.

Maybe you could use my little restaurant anecdote as a way to start...

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RavingDave said...

Clever way to get people to see a different perspective. I have found that often times, to get people to speak the truth, you must not let them be aware of the truth they are speaking until they've already spoken it.

If it's an issue they recognize, and already have a position on, it's hopeless. But if it is an exact analog that isn't obvious, they will often do the right thing before they realize it contradicts their established opinion.

Great teaching moment here.