Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A synagogue in the Silwan neighborhood in Jerusalem has been illegally occupied by Arab families for decades now since anti-Jewish pogroms enabled a takeover, and not only do some Jewish families with a legal claim to the building want them evicted, some MKs have offered assistance:
Ten Knesset members from right-wing factions have expressed their willingness to join Jewish residents in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan and help them evacuate Arab families living in a building which previously served as a synagogue for Yemenite Jews.


According to the letter, obtained by Ynet, "Israel is not carrying out its duty according to a verdict of the head of the repossession department. We wish to inform you that we plan, together with the Temple-treasury loyalists, to implement the legal right to carry out the demolition and evacuate the squatters from the synagogue."

The place, which served in the past as the Hechal Shlomo synagogue, is located only 150 meters (492 feet) from Beit Yehonatan, in assets runs by the Ateret Kohanim association.

"This is an ancient building which has been standing for more than 100 years," the MKs wrote in their letter. "For decades, the building served as a synagogue for Yemenite Jews, who lived in the area before being forced to leave at the British Mandate's order following the bloody events of 1938. Unfortunately, this building – like many others owned by the Temple-treasury, are being held by a family which invaded it and even made illegal building additions."

The protest's initiators added that this was done in disregard of a court ruling, which stated that the building additions must be destroyed and that the building must be returned to its original owners.
More news about this is available here. I fully agree that if the structure was taken over in a coup/pogrom by the Religion of Peace, it's high time to banish the conquestors. And, law and order must be upheld even when dealing with Arabs and the RoP. And political correctness cannot be allowed to hold justice back.

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Oskar said...

Well I guess this is a sensitive subject for Israel, to illegally occupy. This is what they do themselves, so if they want to stop this occupation they must stop their own, if they want to have any credibility.