Thursday, April 29, 2010


This news tells about the horrific case of a Chicago man who converted to Islam in prison, and later, when released, murdered his wife and 3 other relatives after the former refused to wear Islamic garb:
A Muslim man has confessed to kill[ing] his wife and three others in Chicago this month because she refused to wear Muslim garb and adopt his new-found faith. He is one of many to have converted to Islam in American prisons.

The confessed murderer is James A. Larry, 31, who confessed to the crime and expressed no remorse. During his most recent prison term, between 2002 and 2007, he began receiving visits by imams through the Islamic prison outreach program. “He became increasingly radicalized with orthodox Islamic beliefs," a detective on the case said, "ultimately demanding compliance to fundamentalist Islam by his wife and family. He [allegedly] killed his wife because she would not wear Muslim attire, and would not follow his beliefs. It was an honor killing, pure and simple…”

In addition to shooting his 19-year-old pregnant wife to death, Larry also stands accused of murdering three other relatives, all aged 16 and under, as well as injuring his mother and nephew and shooting at his niece.

"Prisons are Recruiting Grounds for Islamic Fundamentalism"
“This didn’t have to happen,” the detective said. “But it did, and it will probably happen again in another community, to another family. The reason it happened here and the reason it will happen again is that we’ve allowed our prisons to become recruiting grounds for Islamic fundamentalism that teaches this twisted [expletive deleted]. And our system has become too lenient, too ‘PC,’ and too afraid to confront this problem, so now we have nearly an entire family murdered by a guy quoting Allah and the Qur’an.”
Here's a complete article from Homeland Security US by Douglas Haggman about this serious case. What's also potentially troubling here is that his wife may have been 19 years old. Surely, if and when he married her, he wasn't violating the law by exploiting a minor? The age factor makes me wonder this.

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