Monday, April 19, 2010


On Big Government, Adam Savit writes about how, in CAIR's latest scheme to smear Republican Sue Myrick and Act for America, they've recruited a female pastor named Wilifred Allen-Faiella - in fact, the only would-be spokesperson they've been able to recruit for this. Allen-Faiella, as reported 6 years ago in the Miami New Times, allowed a convicted pedophile named Steven Sypnieski to work at a thrift shop connected with her church's K-6 elementary school. This same criminal, astonishingly enough, was only given 10 years probation for his crime. As Savit tells here (via The Jawa Report):
In October, 2003 – 11 years after the confession, just after his probation sentence ended – Sypnieski was brought into the Church School’s thrift shop as a volunteer by Allen-Faiella. Allen-Faiella admitted “I was made aware of his record on the sixteenth of December [a Tuesday in 2003],” but because the Christmas break was to begin Friday, she stated that “I intended to take care of the situation as soon as we got back. In fact I put it on the calendar for January 7 to talk with my priest assistant how we were going to handle the matter.” According to the Miami New Times, “When parents discovered the man’s criminal record, Allen-Faiella failed to take immediate action, so the school’s principal, Carol Shabe, forcefully confronted the pastor, demanding that the man’s school access be revoked at once….” According to the report, the school principal had to ask Allen-Faiella two more times to take Sypnieski’s keys away from him before Allen-Faiella would take action. Parents and donors withdrew support for the school in reaction to the pastor’s behavior; and Pastor Allen-Faiella fired the school principal Carol Shabe later that year for “divisiveness.”
So on the one hand, Allen-Faiella initially refused to get rid of the lubricant, until the parental withdrawal of donations probably forced her to. On the other hand, she fired the principal, who was much more responsible, possibly in revenge. Just what kind of pastor is this who refuses to take responsibility? A disgusting person like that should have her own degree as a pastor revoked.

As for CAIR, it's worth noting, besides the fact that they have recruited a most utterly reprehensible person for their smear campaign, and have been most obnoxious in their assaults on free speech, that they are an unregistered foreign agent, and have not reported what they're doing to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. And that, as Savit says, is breaking the law.

Savit and company have sent a letter to Allen-Faiella about this, but I won't be surprised if she ignores their arguments just as much. Anyone who could put up with a child rapist as much as she has cannot be expected to understand the seriousness of the subject of Islamofascism and terrorism either.

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