Thursday, March 25, 2010


UN Watch reports that the UN has willfully followed up on the Swedish press' own blood libel by adding it to the website of their alleged human rights council. Here's an item about this latest atrocity from the National Post:
Claims that Israel is trafficking the organs of dead Palestinians are printed in an official United Nations document, exposing the world body to charges it is doing the bidding of anti-Israel countries such as Iran and Libya.

The revelation comes as Iran and Libya are leading candidates for election this year to the UN Human Rights Council, which the world body bills as the world's foremost human rights monitoring group.

The election of Iran would be an affront to Canada, which each year leads a campaign in the UN General Assembly to have Iran's human rights record condemned -- invariably amid substantial opposition from Iranian sympathizer states such as Cuba, Venezuela and even Afghanistan.

Israel's organ trafficking claim is alleged by the Libya founded International Organization for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD), whose website says it is "focused on the ideological systems of apartheid and Zionism."


Bernie Farber, the Canadian Jewish Congress chief executive, said the UN was involved in distributing allegations which reflect age-old "blood libels" accusing Jews of using human blood in certain of their rituals.

"Not only is there no proof, it is a take-off of the historical calumny of the Jewish blood libel, and that this is coming out under the auspices of the United Nations, and from an accredited UN organization, is breathtaking in its shame," Mr. Farber said.
It's not too hard to guess who led to the idea of putting this on their website and following up on one of the sickest things Scandanavia coughed up in recent years. No one with common sense should associate themselves with such revolting people.

The Jerusalem Post says:
Neuer told The Jerusalem Post that the UNHRC in the past has asked UN Watch to change the language in documents that UN Watch plans to submit, including in this session where UNHRC asked UN Watch to edit their words with reference to Iran and Libya.

If UN Watch can’t use the word “regime” when talking about Iran, then one would think that a “blood libel” would be unacceptable, Neuer said.

Allegations that Israeli soldiers killed Palestinians to harvest their organs were widely publicized this summer in an article written by Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom for the country’s largest circulated daily, Aftonbladet.

Israel has denied the story. Bostrom later admitted that he relied solely on the testimony of Palestinian families for his story.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said it was “outrageous” that the allegations were published on a UN Web site.

“The only organ that was stolen is in people’s brains,” said Palmor.

“The most preposterous, ridiculous and horrendous of all lies can gain respectability at the UN,” he warned.

“I am deeply revolted by the fact that anyone in their right mind can actually advance such horribly surrealistic accusations,” said Palmor.
But it's no longer surprising.
According to the NGO Eye on the UN, EAFORD was founded in Libya and accredited at the UN in 1981. Its Web site states that it has focused on the ideological systems of Apartheid and Zionism.

The office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights had no response to the matter.

Separately on Wednesday, the US chastised the UN Human Rights Council for its continued focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as it opposed four resolutions on that matter which the council passed.

Since the council’s inception in 2006, most of its resolutions censuring countries have focused on Israel.

US Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe told the council “it is too often exploited as a platform to single out Israel, which undermines its credibility.”
And that's one more reason why people with common sense should back away from the UN. Which, while we're on the subject, has by contrast allowed people like the following to get away with sodomy:
As the United Nations worked to restore peace and protect women and children in Africa’s troubled Cote d’Ivoire three years ago, it announced it was investigating “serious allegations of wide-spread sexual exploitation and abuse.”

Shockingly, the alleged perpetrators were with the U.N.—Moroccan troops serving as peacekeepers.

A confidential probe by U.N. and Moroccan investigators turned up evidence that 14 soldiers were involved, according to a person familiar with the matter; DNA analysis showed some of them had fathered children with the victims. But the U.N. has never disclosed the results of the investigation or whether any of the soldiers were punished.

The Moroccan government has stated that no conclusive evidence of abuse was found and that it dropped all charges.
And it figures that Morocco would likely excuse their actions too. That's the United Nazis for you, who consider Israel worse than Islamic-bred violence.

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