Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Wall Street Journal has some alarming news that has unsurprisingly gotten very little attention elsewhere: a Muslim whose legs were amputated tried to plant a bomb in a NY train station in Harlem:
An amputee missing both legs was arrested Thursday after police said he was wheeled into a busy New York City train station and planted a bomb.

Police found the bomb before it could detonate, but the discovery interrupted regional train lines briefly and closed the station for several hours.

The alleged device—a bag of small explosives wrapped in shotgun shells, along with bullets, glue, lug nuts, pens and a ruler—was left in a waiting area at a station in Harlem. Police later surveyed security videos to identify suspects including, Roosevelt Terry, the amputee. Police from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the Metro-North Railroad that was shut down, arrested Mr. Terry late in the afternoon.

“If the thing blew, people would have gotten hurt … could have even gotten killed with all the stuff in there,” said Bill Morange, director of security for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The incident is still under investigation.
The NY Daily News reports that the suspect's exact name is Perry Roosevelt, suggesting he's a convert:
A law enforcement source said the device was in a black Steve Madden shopping bag. Inside, cops found a laptop bag containing a computer, wires, lug nuts, paper and three shotgun shells taped to some M-80 fireworks.

Surveillance camera footage showed the bag being left next to a waiting room bench by a man in a wheelchair, who was being pushed by a second man, according to the source.

A 57-year-old legless man was questioned by police and admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

The device was not capable of being detonated remotely, but “if it was lit, someone could have been hurt pretty bad,” a law enforcement source said.

Two MTA patrol officers spotted the package shortly after 11 a.m.
This suggests it could've been a dry run test, but with real ingredients for explosives. Again, we have the problem of the excuse for this abomination being mental illness.

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