Tuesday, December 01, 2009


No - this is not a preview for the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference, though it is an apt description for the welcome being prepared for the 8000+ Snake-oil salesmen on their way to Denmark!

The headline refers to Denmark being an ideal location for swindlers to set up shell companies to engage in fraudulent trade in CO2 quotas; (s there such a thing as legitimate trade in CO2 quotas???) EXCERPT:
Denmark is a paradise for climate-fraudsters

... the box score: dabbler use our country as a base to one billion fraud CO2 allowances

While the world flock to Denmark in order to save the climate, it is clear that the very same climate is a target of widespread fraud of billions of dollars - and that global fraud has its start here in Denmark.

Fraud occurs when trading CO2 allowances, allowances and fraudsters have found an easy route into the European and international quota market via the Danish quota directory.

The Register is administered by the DEA under the Climate and Energy Ministry. All EU countries and several countries outside the EU have similar registries. But the Danish quota record is by far the largest in the world in terms of personal allowance records.

We are aware that there is international fraud involving VAT. That is why we strongly share information with authorities in other countries, says Reino Nielsen, chief consultant at the Tax and expert in VAT fraud.

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The Danish registry is a barn door for fraud. In other countries similar records, it takes up to three months to be approved. In Denmark, it goes much faster and there is scarcely control of the recorded data.

Ekstra Bladet has found concrete examples where people have given false addresses, and where firms are forced solution has not been removed from the register.

Does Al Gore had an operation in Denmark?

There have already been cases in England and France involving BILLIONS of dollars of fraudulent trading.

When will The People wake up?

Prediction: 10 cm of snow will welcome the delegates...

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