Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why Were Ken Gladney's Assailants Not Charged With Hate Crimes?

Jim Hoft reports that six people were finally charged for the beating of Ken Gladney at Russ Carnahan's August town hall by Obama's SEIU thugs, but not enough charges were filed. They hurled racist epithets at him, knocked him to the ground, and kicked him. They were only charged with misdemeanors, and only four months after the fact. If he were a leftard the NAACP, ACLU, MoveOn, etc. would be all over his case, protesting, and demanding justice. Furthermore, the thugs would have been charged on August 7th at the latest.

For the record, I'm firmly against hate crime legislation because I don't believe in criminalizing thought, however, I also believe strongly in holding all people to the same standard, be it legal, moral, ethical, academic, intellectual, or whatever. Hate crime legislation creates special, protected classes for the express purpose of furthering a leftist agenda by holding those who victimize these special, protected classes to different legal standards, thereby rendering the suffering and the lives of unprotected, un-special groups legally less valuable than those of special, protected groups.

Furthermore, every special, protected group just happens to belong to some category which the left exploits by making them believe that they are only quasi-human and therefore in need of protection. Hate crime legislation does not protect individuals; it protects guaranteed DNC voters indoctrinated with a victim mentality.

Ken Gladney loves America and sells Gadsen flags, so he is not a guaranteed DNC voter and, despite his being black and belonging to a special, protected class, his assailants are not charged with hate crimes, or crimes at all, really. Assault is a crime, not a misdemeanor, so they got away with beating him.

The St. Louis county counselor's office (not the police) charged the goons with refusing "to leave the site of an ongoing disturbance," "assaulting a person and interfering with police," and "assaulting a person and destruction of property" but they are not prosecuting the assailants for assault because the charges are mere misdemeanors, ordinance violations, actually, since the counselor's office only prosecutes misdemeanor ordinance violations.

Let me repeat that: the SEIU thugs are being charged with assault but nobody involved stands to be prosecuted for assault because the charges are misdemeanor ordinance violations. These people are felons.

This means that legally, any leftist can assault any conservative and get away with it because the left has rendered us legally subhuman. Assaulting us is a misdemeanor - so it's not assault at all - but assaulting a leftist is a felony.

This case serves to demonstrate exactly how hate crimes legislation serves to protect only those who support the leftist machine, thereby rendering the rest of us legally subhuman because those who victimize us are not punished as harshly as those who victimize leftards. It also serves to demonstrate the left's moral vacuity, bigotry, the way they use groups of people, and the way that they consistently dehumanize those who don't support their agenda. The Nazis did it. The communists did it. Mohammedans do it. Democrats do it, too. Whether we're dirty Jews, greedy kulaks, naji kafirs, niggers (like Ken Gladney, according to SEIU thugs), rapist babies, or "teabaggers," we're all fair game and they're legally immune.

If leftists regarded those who disagree with them as human they would hold those who victimize us to the same legal standard as those who victimize them. The SEIU thugs who beat up Ken Gladney would each be charged with two hate crimes: one for attacking him because of his beliefs and lifestyle, and another because any conservative who hurled racist epithets at someone immediately before beating him to the ground would be charged with a hate crime for doing so. The SEIU thugs would have been charged with multiple felonies on August 7th instead of misdemeanors on November 25th if conservatives were human under the law and if there were any justice in America.

I am Ken Gladney and so are you the minute you become politically inconvenient to the left.

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