Friday, October 30, 2009

So Much for That "Democratically Elected" Hamas Government

They are Islamic, after all. Even if they did hold elections, they've already killed off or exiled everyone from Fatah, so there's no competition. The global jihad simply has too much riding on Hamas.

Oops, there goes any faint shred of legitimacy they might have had!
Hamas yesterday declared that it would not allow elections in the Gaza Strip early next year, further ratcheting tensions between the Islamist movement and Fatah.

The Hamas-run interior ministry in Gaza City said last week’s decree by the president, Mahmoud Abbas, calling for parliamentary and presidential voting on January 24 was made “by someone who has no right to make such an announcement”. Any campaigning was therefore illegal, said a ministry spokesman, Ehab al Ghsain.

“Any preparations, any committees, any collecting of names will be regarded as an illegal action that we will pursue,” Mr al Ghsain said.

Can we stop funding them now? Or is Obama determined to give a cool $2 billion to the genocidal terror organization this year?

H/T: Susan P. at MASH.

I'm sure this is just a coincidence, but the Islamic Republic of Iran has just declared questioning of the sham of last summer's election to be a state crime, "the biggest crime," in fact.

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