Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama Risks Becoming ‘Shovel-Ready Project’

During the next two days, President Barack Obama plans to appear on five Sunday talk shows and The Late Show with David Letterman Monday and continue his push for so-called "health care reform" (a.k.a., "ObamaCare"). In waging this near-all-out media blitz*, the president risks becoming a "shovel-ready project."

A shovel-ready project? Perhaps, some clarification is in order, so here goes it...

Ask my wife. She'll tell you I've done it. Heck, we've all done it at some time in our lives. We've made the mistake of talking about a subject well beyond the point when we should have shut our mouths and moved on to another topic -- or, in many cases, said nothing at all.

On the occasion -- or, in my case, occasions -- when you commit such a self-indulgent speech crime, you have to know that most people within earshot of your voice are thinking, "He's digging himself into a hole," and hoping you will stop soon. Such is the case with most Americans when it comes to the words coming out of President Obama's mouth (with the assistance of a teleprompter, of course).

According to Rasmussen Reports® survey results released Friday, 56 percent of Americans oppose the president's health care plan.

The release of those numbers came less than a week after hundreds of thousands of Americans -- who, no doubt, count themselves among the 56 percent mentioned above -- descended upon the nation's capitol to stage a Tea Party. During the event, which drew one of the largest crowds in 20 years to the nation's capitol**, opposition to government-run health care was arguably the "glue" issue among a plethora of left-wing measures that served to bond the protesters representing all 50 states.

If President Obama is as wise as his Latina appointee to the Supreme Court is (sarcasm), he will cancel his appearances on the Sunday talk shows, cancel his appearance on Letterman and walk away from the firestorm that is ObamaCare. Otherwise, he might as well grab a shovel and consider himself a shovel-ready project.

Editor's Note: The photos above, courtesy El Marco at Looking at the Left, capture the scene outside the Stout Street Clinic in downtown Denver prior to Nancy Pelosi's visit Aug. 6. About 200 people gathered to show their opposition to ObamaCare.

*The weekend media blitz does not include any appearances on the Fox News Channel.
**See this article if you want details about crowd-size estimates.

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