Saturday, August 15, 2009


The left would have you believe that Big Corporations and their profits are evil and that the solution is Big Government.

This is wrong.

No Big Corporation has ever forced me or anyone else to do bupkus.

We choose to buy their stuff or not. And they have to compete among themselves - on price and quality - to get me to buy their stuff.

If I don't want it, then I don't buy it.

And if I buy it and don't like it I can often return it. If not, then I can try to resell it in the open market.

This competition for my hard-earned dollar is why things get better and values improve.

But Big Government is coercing me all the freakin' time: they take a third of my earnings every week - BEFORE I get them. They spend a lot of it on stuff that I disagree with, or that's wasteful, or that is basically corrupt because it really just benefits allies of the politicians who run Big Government and the unions who operate Big Government - the SEIU, the NEA and AFSCME.

This is why Attlee's post-WW2 nationalization - GOVERNMENTALIZATION REALLY! - ruined Britain's economy and living standards and why Thatcher's privatization (de-governmentlaization) improved them.

(Previous post on Attlee and Obama here and here.)

Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party and the SEIU, NEA, and AFSCME and his cohorts in the Chicago Machine are trying to take us down the road that Attlee took Britain down.

It will have the same disastrous results.

Which is why we musty fight Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Rahm and Axelrod and the SEIU, NEA and AFSCME with everything we've got - and then some!

Big Government run by the likes of them is far FAR more dangerous and restrictive of our rights than Biog Corporations are or ever were.

Lawyers - who along with the Big Government unions control the Democrat Party (they are Obama's biggest donors and have given more to Obama than anyone else!) - are just as destructive to us as Big Government, and they all drive the costs of all the things I want up UP UP.

Maybe we can't reduce the size of Big Government quickly, but we can lower the cost of everything if we had Tort Reform, and it wouldn't take more than ten pages to write the bill.

To do this we probably need to stop electing lawyers and anyone connected to unions to high office.

(Lawyers like Arlen Specter - a tool of the lawyer lobby.)

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