Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"I Want To Express My Grave Concerns About The Administration's Response"

I'm with Senator DeMint when he expresses "grave" concerns about our current Presidential Administration.

In this video, Senator DeMint reads into the Congressional record the step by step events that took place which led the Honduran military to depose President Zelaya.

The one thing I had wondered about was whether the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress had overstepped their power in their hurry to get Zelaya out of office, because of the threat he posed as the result of his using a mob to break into a military installation. In other words, I was concerned that they had skipped the Impeachment process, in their haste to get rid of what they saw as a potentially violent threat to the Constitutional processes of the government.

It turns out, however, that even before Zelaya had resorted to such "mob rule" methods, he was in violation of Article 238 in the Honduran Constitution which states that, "Any President who even proposes an extension of his tenure in office shall immediately cease performing the functions of his post."

In other words, the only thing to wonder about with regard to the Honduran situation is, why did it take so long for the Judiciary and the Legislative branches to order Zelaya removed from office.

You have to watch this video. It is a devastating denunciation of President Barack Obama.

In the end you will be left knowing that the Honduran government did the right thing,


you will also be left podering one ominous (grave?) question,

Is it, in fact, true that Barack Obama is attempting to help Zelaya perform a coup against the Honduran Constitution?

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