Friday, July 31, 2009

Earth to Andy McCarthy (An Open Letter of Sorts) (Update)

Look, Mr. McCarthy, I hold nothing but the utmost respect for you, and while I, like all the rest of us who haven't been asleep at the wheel for the last 18 months or so, commend you for admitting to your sloppiness - and for essentially taking the fall for all the editors of NRO - in having never questioned the apparatchik media line due to negligently thoughtless conflation, even in the face of glaringly obvious fabrications. While I agree with you that the heart of the matter is that Obama has never, as far as I know (and I'm always open to evidence to the contrary; I just have yet to see any) told the truth about himself, as an attorney, particularly one who has prosecuted terrorists and worked for the Justice Department, you simply should know better.

As far as Obama's birth goes, three possibilities exist:

1) He was born in Hawaii, the son of Barack Obama, Sr.

2) He was born in Kenya, the son of Barack Obama, Sr.

3) He was born in Hawaii, the son of Frank Marshall Davis.

I agree that where he was born may very well not matter at the end of the day. Even if he were to produce a legitimate birth certificate today, as opposed to the the Certificate of Live Birth which was a Certificate of Birth to the editors of NRO two days ago, despite the fact that you seem to comprehend the significance of the term "natural born," and despite the fact that his Indonesian sister possesses a Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth, as can anyone with $10 and a name, that would not even begin to signal the end of the "Birther" debate, which, incidentally, hinges upon a lot more than Barry Soetoro's place of birth.

You seemed to have done a good job tying up all the ends frayed by the article by the editors two days ago until you had to use the term "Indonesian dual citizenship." It was not until I read that I understood why you brushed off the issue of his having been adopted by Lolo Soetoro.

The fact of the matter is that he relinquished any American citizenship he might have had, or, in all fairness to Obama, his degenerate mother whored it away for a long trip to the Third World, if you have any idea how Mohammedan 'marriage' works. He is not an American citizen. No such thing as "Indonesian dual citizenship" existed during the entirety of his time in Indonesia, and, as you noted, he could not have attended public schools were he not a full citizen (the only kind at the time) of Indonesia.

Furthermore, he could not have traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on an American passport. It was not the case that Americans were "advised" not to travel to Pakistan. They were not allowed to at all in 1981. It is simply not possible for anyone sans special diplomatic status and accompanying passport to have traveled to Pakistan in 1981 on an American passport.

This is why he won't give up his college records or anything else.

Also, think about it: does Affirmative Action even begin to explain how a D student at a third-tier college could just transfer to Columbia? Not on your life. Only Arab student visa racket cases receive that sort of treatment, and believe me, they do. You will be hard-pressed to find a single PhD program in a reputable university which has not been infiltrated by hopelessly unqualified Arab Muslim Brotherhood Members, including drooling retards. Find one. I dare you. Good luck. I wish I were exaggerating even a little, but I'm not, not in the least. For the record, Saudi money only follows spurious Arab admissions, which is why it's the 'Arab student visa racket.' One will not find Muslim Indians who actually had access to education which could arguably be legitimately accredited. I'm talking about people who attended Third World colleges where education ends at 17, from countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, where it is illegal to teach that 6 and 8 are different numbers because Allah apparently failed to matriculate to first grade. Only by Arab student visa racket standards was Barry '57-states' Soetoro 'qualified' for admission to Columbia.

To recap:
  • Even if he was once a natural-born citizen, he's not now.

  • He was unarguably an Indonesian citizen. "[Dual] Indonesian citizenship" did not exist during the entirety of his time in Indonesia, and he attended public school. We have records of this, to exclusion of all other school records.

  • He traveled to Pakistan in 1981, again proving that he could not have been an American citizen.

  • He transferred to Columbia despite being woefully unqualified, and nothing could possibly explain that except for the Arab student visa racket, which is obviously connected somehow to the 1981 trip to Pakistan which he took on what was probably an Indonesian passport, and certainly not an American one.

Got it now? I was with Dave Jeffers in thinking that the editors of NRO were blatantly propagating disinformation in order to distance yourselves from the rest of us crazy wackjobs who bitterly cling to our 'magic bullet' (which is the Constitution of the United States of America, not a Hawaiian Certificate of Birth), but it has become evident that you guys have simply been asleep at the wheel for some time while we crazy wackjobs have been doing your job for you. You're welcome.


*"Pakistan was under martial law in 1981 and certain undesirables… Christians, Jews, and Americans… were prohibited from entering the country. Pakistan was on the U.S. State Department’s “no travel” list, making a U.S. passport no more valuable than an empty chewing gum wrapper at the Karachi Port of Entry."


Anonymous said...

I have to pick some nits with you.

Nit 1. Only three possibilities.

Not so, there are at least two more.

Obama Born in Washington State.
(Ann Dunham was registered as having attended the Fall Semester in 1961, witness places her on Mercer Island just prior to his birth.

Obama born in transit by Ship or Airplane.

I've likewise seen someone contend that he might have been born in Canada, but the assertion is just based on circumstances.

Next Nit.

Obama's sister has a Hawaiian birth certificate.

Have yet to be able to verify this. It is probably false, and based on an allegation by "Tech Dude" because he claimed to be able to see her name on Obama's COLB released to Daily Kos. The one widely believed to be a forgery. If you can prove this, please provide a link.

If you have a link which proves the "Americans were not ALLOWED to travel to Pakistan in 1981" then I would like to see it. I've seen this meme weakly debunked on other sites, and I would very much like to see that the meme is in fact true.

All of the above being said, I think the issue needs to be pursued, but we must make sure we are referencing factual and provable points. Using discredited points makes it easier for people to call us "kooks" and "birthers."


nunya said...

He could have been born in several places, it's true. I heard a theory today that his grandmother was really his mother. That, along with whether or not his sister has a COLB, is immaterial. WND, by the way, confirmed 'tech dude's' findings. What matters is that he lost his citizenship. I updated the post with a relevant link.

Anonymous said...

During the 70's Columbia routinely accepted black students who had no business being there. There was no mystery to this: Columbia wanted black students and simply could not find sufficient numbers who qualified, so they took the unqualified. No special help was needed, just the right color of skin.

nunya said...

Admitting unqualified American blacks, while disgraceful, does not begin to compare to actively recruiting sworn, open, proud terrorist pedophiles from nations which are hostile to us, who lack the equivalent of a Guatemalan first-grade education, as do all students from Muslim countries. Guatemalan first-graders know that the Earth is round, the sky is not solid, and 6 and 8 are different numbers. Black Americans have legitimate high school diplomas, they're American, and they're not terrorists. The day I see an Arab on a college campus who does not belong to a Hamas front is the day I will consider the possibility that our universities don't actively recruit terrorists to the exclusion of people who aren't retarded per the DSM IV.

Unknown said...

American minors cannot forfeit their citizenship. Sorry to blow a hole in your theory.

nunya said...

If they forfeit their father by being legally adopted by another man, yes, they can. Obama would have had to become an Indonesian citizen, which meant at the time that he de facto forfeited his American citizenship.

Unknown said...

I disagree. A minor cannot forfeit under any circumstances. Would you care to place a wager on the law in this case, perhaps for $1000 plus "escrow" fees?

Reliapundit said...



Unknown said...

What difference do relations make?