Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Does anyone believe the threat of Islamism will wilt away like a desert gourd? The threat of Islamism did not emerge overnite - and will not disappear without the supreme efforts of those who believe in protecting the hardwon rights of free people. A containment policy vis-a-vis the cold war is - given the existence of a 5th column within the "free nations"- untenable, and at best would perpetuate the status quo while bestowing our enemies the time to perfect their evil plans. The present situation in Pakistan, where the Government has practically capitulated to the Taliban in Swat, does not bode well. The Taliban continue to operate in a large swath of territory along the border with Afghanistan, and in Swat they are only 250 kilometers from Islamabad. Only fools could believe that a Hudna with Taliban Clan leaders would be in our long term interest. Given the presence of a nuclear arsenal in Pakistan, the inability - or unwillingness - of the Pakistani Government and ISI to bring these regions under control is arguably a clear and present danger to the United States. Obama's Afghan surge is not enough.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Northern Seer, this agreement is an utter joke and is a confirmation that Pakistan is NOT an ally in the War against Islamo Fascism.

We had a fighting chance, albeit strained with Musharraf, but now they have gone over the deep end.

I do not agree that 17k more troops in the Afghani theatre are going to make a difference nor do I think we can use the surge principles employed in Iraq there.

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robotsoul said...

It is government sanctioned appeasement. The Pakistani government is arguing that the decisions is aimed at isolating the Taliban who have taken up the long time (since 1969) cause of the Swat people in order to gain support in Pakistan.Islamabad claims that by giving the people of SWAT what they want they are taking away the Taliban's only leverage.
What is actually happening is the Pakistani government has just told terrorist that attacks on civilians are an avenue to political power.This video is excellent, tons more info :