Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Over at NRO, Andrew McCarthy & Claudia Rosett show how it is that a major party's candidate for President came to hate the United States he aspires to lead down the primrose path to ruin:
The United States gave the Obamas privileged educational opportunities. At America’s top colleges, they were steeped in Leftist radicalism. As they came of age, they thought nothing of exposing their children to an ideology that paints their country as racist, rife with injustice, and in need of drastic, fundamental change. And why should we expect otherwise? It is what they believe.

It is also the way things are done in the circle of friends they developed during years of living in Hyde Park — friends like Rashid and Mona Khalidi, and Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.
They live their lives in a Cloud Cuckoo Land of deranged leftist posturing. Their friend Khalidi, erstwhile PLO spokesman in Beirut, is also a complete phony. And notice how it was the New Duranty Times that burnished Khalidi's phony "credentials":
Two New York Times obituaries, one published when his father, Ismail, died in 1968, and the other when his more famous uncle, Hussein, died in 1962, paint a portrait of Rashid Khalidi as Palestinian royalty — albeit with elusive Palestinian roots. Ismail Khalidi was actually a Saudi citizen, educated in American schools in Lebanon and in the U.S. — including at Columbia, his son Rashid’s current pulpit, where the elder Khalidi got his doctorate in 1955.
So it turns out that Rashid Khalidi’s claim to Palestinian heritage is derived not from the struggle but from antiquity. He was born not among the impoverished masses of Gaza or the West Bank but into a life of privilege in New York City. The Times reports that the Khalidis claim they are descended from Khalid Ibn Walid, “who defeated the Byzantine armies at the battle of the Yarmuk River in 634 that opened the way for the Arab conquest of the Middle East, North Africa and Spain” — making the family, the Times tells us, “one of Palestine’s oldest and most influential.”
Khalidi, like Ayers and Dohrn, was part of the Obamas' family circle. In summary:
Why would Barack and Michelle Obama expose their children to Rev. Wright’s America-hating spew? Because in the circle from which Obama hails, that spew isn’t considered spew. It’s considered truth, and it gets passed along from generation to generation.
Read. The. Whole. Thing. Now.

And consider what a disaster it would be if such America-hating ideology gains a foothold in the White House.

Vote accordingly.

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Josh Didonato said...

HA HA !!!!
Suck it!
you lost because your ideology should have died with the cold war.

Quit whining.

it doesn't work.