Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silvio still in good form

I have mentioned before that I am a great fan of the world's most "incorrect" head of government, Silvio Berlusconi, conservative Prime Minister of Italy. He is a man of immense good humor but is no fool. He is a billionaire as well as a very successful politician. So I always look forward to the next news item about him. And he does not disappoint. His latest caper is completely harmless but very much him so I am going to mention it.
"Silvio Berlusconi, the flamboyant Italian Prime Minister, played a practical joke on the German Chancellor today by jumping out at her from behind a lamppost when they met for an Italo-German summit in Trieste.

Slipping away from the welcoming committee, the Italian leader hid behind the lamppost and emerged with a cry of "Cucu!" when Angela Merkel stepped out of her official car to enter the regional council headquarters where they were to meet. Reports said the German leader, who appeared amused, opened her arms and replied "Silvio!".

Mr Berlusconi, noted for his unpredictable behaviour and often ill-judged jokes, raised eyebrows recently by describing Barack Obama, the US President-elect, as "suntanned"


What a guy! "Cucu" means "cuckoo". If only there were more politicians with his joy of life! Frau Merkel is also a conservative so it is no surprise that she too was obviously good humored about it. May Silvio continue to raise eyebrows!

And his approach seems to have paid off. Shortly thereafter Frau Merkel announced that Germany was joining Italy in opposing tough EU global warming regulations -- which was quite a U-turn for her. A pretty smart cuckoo somewhere there!

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