Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The blogosphere discussion of Obama's proposed "civilian defense force" has obscured the simple fact that this corps would be Obama's Sturmabteilung. Watch to see how gang bangers are recruited into it, and how it will "clear the streets" of any opposition to the Obamessiah's programs.I'd be surprised if he doesn't move to arm his own corps, in case he needs to use them against the Armed Forces, whose members are voting about 80% for McCain, and who will not likely approve of Obama's cut&run surrender and appeasement of any and all of America's enemies.

Obama already owns the media, and by using the "fairness doctirne" to eliminate talk radio, there will be no public voice to oppose him. Watch to see how he moves to choke the blogosphere and the internet, in the guise of eliminating "hate speech."

This day may well be the last free (albeit stolen) election in the history of the United States.


Pastorius said...

What you are saying is very extreme. We fear that Obama might behave that way, but do you really believe that is what he intends to do/will do?

Unknown said...

Pastorius, Obama is a pathological narcissist - which is an EXTREMELY dangerous thing for the nation and anyone who crosses him (assuming that he's the CINC). Please read the following article and then see if you want to ask the same question:


Punditarian said...


Thanks for noticing my post.

Yes, I presented an extreme vision. But in the paranoid fantasies that Leftists have expressed over the past 8 years, perhaps we can see the outlines of what THEY indeed would do if they came into unchecked power.

It was Obama who proposed the civilian security force, very reminiscent of the neighborhood gangs that control Cuba, by the way.

And when New Black Panther Party thugs stand with nightsticks outside Philadelphia polling places, I don't think it is that much of a stretch to imagine them being "rehabilitated" by being folded into Obama's civilian force.

The huge Nuremberg style rallies that Obama loves so much, like the one scheduled for Grant Park tonight, are another curious cultural echo of the National Socialist movement.

Obama is more of an internationalist than a nationalist, but the conduct of his campaign shows that he has nothing but contempt for the law and for the principles of representative democracy.

And I think that Ali Sina's article, helpfully linked by Paul, is right on target.

I am not one of those conservatives who think that we will better build our movement in opposition. If Obama gets in, this may be the last free election in American history.

Pastorius said...

I am also worried about what Obama may have meant by his proposal of a Civilian National Security Force. As much as I am worried what he meant by that proposal, I am also astounded that no one has thought to ask him what he meant.

That being said, if Obama turns out as bad as you seem to think he will (and believe me, I worry about the same things you worry about, I'm just not as convinced as you), then it will be a real shock to his minions, because his authoritarianism has not even been mentioned by the press. Not even mentioned.

Punditarian said...


Interesting point:

"As much as I am worried what he meant by that proposal, I am also astounded that no one has thought to ask him what he meant."

Of course, the press hasn't deigned to ask him what he meant by almost anything he has said, so no big surprise here.

However, I don't think that his minions will be alarmed by the incipient totalitarianism of an Obama regime. At first they will be too caught up in the joy of imposing it on their enemies to notice, and when the beast turns against them, it will be too late.

So the "old Bolsheviks" were taken unawares by "Uncle Joe."