Wednesday, November 05, 2008


What will Barack Obama's presidency be like?

That is the question.

Will it follow the outlines of his centrist campaign narrative?

Will it follow the shining radical path suggested by his associations with Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn, ACORN, the "New Party," and Rashid Al Khalidi?

Will it conform to his record as a knee-jerk liberal hack politician who never deviated from the line laid out by his Democratic leaders?

As almost all news analysts agreed over the past 72 hours, Obama is a cipher. Nobody claims to know what he really thinks, or what positions he will actually take.

Now that could be a dodge, a way of continuing to cover up his radical history.

But if it is true that the strongest elements in his personality are narcissism and a Quixotic quest to remedy the wounds of abandonment by his parents in early childhood, then we might see a "pragmatic" Obama who will throw the more radical elements of his Party's program under the same bus he threw every other impediment to his electoral success.

That is I think the best we can hope for,

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party in the Congress has very few conservative or moderate Democrats left, and it is as a party dominated by radical, leftist Statists who are acting out their own psychopathologies on the national stage.

Therefore, I suspect that we will see much of the radical agenda emerging not from sweeping policy initiatives of the Obama Administration, but from the Congress.

And if his past behavior in the Illinois Senate and the United States Senate is a predictor, Obama will be content to go along with whatever they present for his signature.

Look for a concerted push by Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of their gang of idiots to quickly pass the "card-check" end of secret ballots in union elections, a return to the "fairness doctrine" in order to get independent talk radio hosts off the air, a federal measure eliminating any and all State restrictions on abortion along with protections for infanticide, and a formal timetable for retreat from Iraq.

If they get those through, bolder measures will follow.

I would expect any attempt to cobble together a comprehensive "universal health care" plan to fail. It always does.

Tax hikes, on the other hand, are likely, with considerable damage to the economy in their wake. I expect unemployment to rise significantly. After all, the neo-socialist economies of Western Europe have unemployment rates in the range of 10-20%.

I doubt there will be an immediate push to discard, ignore, and subvert the Second Amendment. The likely course for that program will be the appointment of Marxist judges at all levels of the Federal judiciary. The tenor of their decisions will be used to strangle our rights more gradually but no less systematically for that matter.

Obama's election will not defuse the angry race-baiting of the Jeremiah Wrights, Al Sharptons, and Jesse Jacksons. On the contrary, John Conyers will press for the payment of reparations to black Americans, and he will undoubtedly step up a concerted attempt to try President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld for "war crimes," if not in an American or United Nations court, then before a congressional committee.

On the other hand, the foreign policy disasters will largely flow from the White House. The leftists in the State Department will feel unleashed, and Obama may feel that he can try for a few dramatic foreign gestures, coddling America's enemies and encouraging bolder moves on their part.

Retreat in Iraq would demoralize the United States Armed Forces the way retreat from Vietnam did in the seventies. God forbid that our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines feel that their sacrifices were for nought, and the tremendous successes of the three wars they won in Iraq are tossed aside by a callous, callow administration.

Look for an Iranian nuclear test before the end of 2009, along with a renewed and intensified terror campaign against Israel. Obama has already secretly promised Mahmoud Abbas that he will favor the re-partition of Jerusalem, and Israeli leftists will go along with a retreat that might spark civil war in Israel. An increasing tempo of terror attacks in the Israeli capital is already gaining the jihadists control of the streets.

Any sign of weakness on Obama's part will dishearten our allies and encourage more Russian and Chinese adventurism. Look for Putin to press and provoke wherever he can, in Georgia, the Ukraine, and against the Baltic states. I would not be surprised if Chavez invited the Russians to install intercontinental nuclear missiles in Venezuela.

To the problems that already exist in the world, the Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress will add their own folly. That's why Thomas Sowell said that a McCain administration might be a disaster, but an Obama administration would be a catastrophe.

America will indeed need continual blessings from our Creator in order to thrive. May the damage be as minimal as possible until the electorate wakes up, and may that awakening come in 2010!


Reliapundit said...

recruitment will plummet, and Obama will bring back the draft - ut allow some to become domestic/CIVILAIN defense force...

Reliapundit said...

what attlee did to the uk obama will do to the usa.

thatcher saved great britain, but it was never the same...

the sad and horrifying thing is this:

in the secomd half of the 20th century, when the uk collapsed the USA picked up the pieces.

now - 62 years later - there is no other country which can become the guardian of the Free World.

russia and china and iran and their axis will have a clear path...

that's why saving the usa by demoilishing the obama presidency is imperative.

by any LEGAL means possible.

obama will fight bick: using hate crime legislation and the faiorness doctrine to attack his foes in ways Bush never did.


the insurgents have taken the reins of government and we are now officially fighting on the homefront...

we need a newt and a delay in the house and better leader in the senate and a barbour to lead the gop.

who might these be?

mcconnell and boehner seem to mild.

my fav's this second:

cantor and DEMINT (and kyl and cornyn and inhofe).