Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Even The Lightbringer is now incorrect

Obama recently referred to mongrel dogs as "mutts like me". So is the term "mutt" a slur? I have no doubt that the old term "halfbreed" now is.

A Korean lady has protested:
"I've heard mixed-race people use that term to describe themselves before, usually in the same ha-ha way Obama did. I've also heard it thrown around as an insult, a pejorative, a slur. I've felt the slap of that word across my face" she wrote. "My fear, however, is that Obama, as the first mixed-race president, will shape the way most Americans view people of mixed race for at least a generation. And will Obama calling himself a 'mutt' - with humor, as if the word is nothing, nothing at all - make it socially acceptable for people to start calling me a mutt? My kids?"

I must say that I personally was rather pleased to see Obama calling himself a "mutt". It was definitely self-deprecating and I still adhere to the Christian view that humility is a virtue.

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