Thursday, October 16, 2008


What should we expect if a man who is "as close to a full-out Marxist as anyone who has ever run for president" is elected?

We can expect Barack [middle name redacted] Obama to govern out of the same Saul Alinsky radical playbook that has governed his entire political career.

If you want to know what that will mean in human, individual terms, read Doctor Zhivago.

If you want to know what that will mean in terms of policy, consider the following:

With a Democrat Party whose radical wing will resemble the Montagne in its bloodthirsty Jacobin enthusiasm, and whose moderate wing will be a complaisant partner in sharing the spoils, a Barack Obama in the White House would quickly move to make permanent the electoral gains of the far left.

1) The "check-card" union organizing principle will become law, and secret ballot elections will no longer be required to establish or maintain closed union shops.

2) That victory will be followed by a push to repeal the Taft-Hartley restrictions, and abolish all State "right to work laws."

3) ACORN-style vote fraud will become the norm, and "undocumented Americans" will be given -- in addition to driver's licenses -- "provisional citizenship credentials" that will entitle them to vote in State and local elections. You will have by 2010 experienced the last free and fair nationwide or statewide election.

4) An Obama administration would also quickly move to severely abrogate the Second Amendment. Look for a quick reinstatement of the idiotic "assault weapons ban," combined with a series of moves intended to make the manufacture, sale, and possession of firearms by anyone other than government officials increasingly difficult.

5) A disarmed populace will result in greater freedom of action for violent criminals. Crime will rise to the horrific levels it reached the last time liberals were in control of the entire Federal government.

6) The First Amendment will also come under attack. The "fairness doctrine" will be re-instated to force Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and all other pro-American, conservative voices off the air. The media will be firmly allied with the Obama Administration's socialist goals.

7) Freedom of speech will be limited by a university-style "fair speech" code applied at the Federal level to silence any criticism of the Obama Administration as "racist hate-speech." It will become illegal to refer to "undocumented Americans" as "illegal aliens," and any book containing such illegal hate-speech will be removed from school and public libraries.

8) Freedom of religion will also be adjusted. Muslims will be encouraged by the Administration's "civil rights" lawyers to demand more and more concessions from their employers and neighbors, until the higher status Muslims must have under sharia law becomes de facto a part of the United States Code. For example, it will first be necessary only to invite a Muslim Imam to share the stage during official Federal events, alongside a Protestant Minister, a Catholic Priest, and occasionally a Jewish Rabbi. However, in deference to easily-bruised Muslim sensibilities, it will then become necessary to accord the Imam deferential treatment and pride of place, to demonstrate that no callous American disregard insults him, and then ultimately to exclude any representative of another faith community. Meanwhile, it will be considered anti-gay hate-speech openly to preach traditional Jewish and Christian teachings about human sexuality. (The traditional Bible reading for the Afternoon of Yom Kippur [Leviticus 18:1-30], with its list of prohibited sexual relations, will be forbidden. But most American Jews won't notice that, since the Reform, Reconstructionist, and many "Conservative" congregations substituted new readings for it long ago.)

9) The Judeo-Christian definition of marriage as a sacred bond between one man and one woman will be superseded by the Courts. Once same-sex "marriage" is forced on the public by activist judges, polyamorous multiple-marriages, incestuous marriages, polygamous marriages, and even "marriages" involving animals will acquire various degrees of official State recognition. It will be considered hate-speech to decry this trend.

10) An Obama administration would adopt an "even handed" EU-style approach to the Middle East. The democratically elected government of Iraq can expect to have the rug pulled out from under it. All of Obama's tough talk about bombing Pakistan will evaporate as he indulges in a series of high-profile photo-ops with the entire parade of Arab and Muslim tyrants. Israel will find it impossible to resupply its armed forces, and an acquiescent, appeasement-seeking regime in the White House will encourage Iran to unleash its terrorist proxies with a rain of rockets and missiles all over Israel. If Israel responds militarily to the existential threat posed by an Iranian regime that has promised to bury Israel under a mushroom cloud, Iran (with Russian support) will shut down the Shatt Al Arab and unleash terror attacks all over Western Europe. These actions will result in the temporary collapse of the world's biggest industrial economies, and anti-Semitic pogroms around the world. Israel will then be occupied by a NATO-led force of U.N. "peacekeepers." The majority of the country will be turned over to the Muslim tribes, and the Jews will be penned up in urban ghettos. The Jewish holy places that were painstakingly restored after 1967 will again be desecrated and blown up as they were in 1948. Governor Palin will welcome Jewish refugees to Alaska, but this humanitarian gesture will be thwarted by the Obama Administration, which will suddenly discovered that immigration laws do apply to some people after all.

11) Since Obama will have prevented the licensing of any new nuclear power plants and any development at all of any additional American oil reserves, America will be entirely beholden to his new friends and allies in the Middle East. They will demand increasing concessions, both cultural and economic.

12) The tax code will be used in an openly redistributionist manner to reward the friends of the Obama regime and punish its enemies. "Reparations" will be paid to blacks for slavery, homosexuals for having been unable to marry, and other groups who present their claims to appropriate authorities. A higher tax load for those who actually produce the wealth seized by the government will demoralize the entrepreneurs and workers, resulting in severe losses of productivity and a prolonged depression. Unemployment will reach 25 percent.

13) If the Western economies stall, China will be unable to find a market for its goods, and the Chinese economy will collapse. This will result in widespread instability and civil unrest. There may ensue a civil war between different elements of the People's Liberation Army. China may launch a nuclear war against Taiwan. The result in either case will be to return China to its pre-Deng Hisao Ping era of poverty and famine.

14) Massive unemployment in America will lead to the creation of "CCC" style labor camps. At first, volunteers will be sought. After a while, however, there will be round-ups of the unemployed who will be forced to join labor camps or be prosecuted as "parasites." Those who are deemed enemies of the (American) people will be forced to work in the most unpleasant locations.

15) Every American will be guaranteed free access to an egalitarian system of health care. The health care we will receive, however, will not resemble the health care we enjoy today -- it will be strictly rationed and consist only of the simplest, most cost-effective, "evidence-based" treatments. Those patients who fail to respond will be offered physician-assisted suicide. Euthanasia will be an option for the recalcitrant.

16) By the time a majority of Americans realize where an Obama regime is taking them, it will be too late. In the name of "green awareness" and "multicultural" sensitivity, our own children will be recruited to spy and inform on us. The educational curriculum will follow the teachings of Bill Ayers, and emphasize social revolution rather than the math, science, history, and language skills that would enable an American civilization to thrive.

And that will be only the beginning . . .

Once Marxists hold the reins of power, it will be difficult to stop them.

But it is still possible to stop them before they hold those reins in their hands.

Vote accordingly.

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