Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UPDATED A Plea to my fellow Citizens: Why Obama Should NOT be President, now or ever....

UPDATE: Edited for clarity and grammar...

OK, for whatever reason I feel another "vent" coming on, so buckle your belts, I am going to let it fly.

Mary Katherine Ham and Guy Benson (with help from Ed Morrissey) have assembled a spectacular montage of videos, mostly of Obama's own words, broken down by category and issues. This is one of the most impressive comprehensive arguments I have ever seen in any campaign, ever. And it is DEVASTATING.

They have obviously spent a lot of time putting all this together and it is quite extensive; I agree with Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive when he suggests that if Big media had done the job it is supposed to do and had actually tried to remain objective for American elections; had it done a thorough job in vetting BOTH candidates, then Obama would be likely be facing a landslide loss. And is objectivity not, after all, what we have always been told was the legitimate role of the "free press" in a "free" democracy?

Here is a Cynical Lesson: if you can just appear cool, calm and collected--no matter how radical, totalitarian, despotic, Marxist, and sociopathic your actual words and beliefs may be--many Americans can be tricked, hypnotized, bamboozled to cast their vote for you. Glibness trumps Intelligence every time.

Obviously (as even Sarah Palin has proven by her astounding SNL numbers) being telegenic has become a more important factor for an American election than what candidates actually stand for; certainly it is the prime factor to many otherwise intelligent and good-natured people. Of course the media counts on this inability to discern truth. As I have thought from the beginning of this long campaign, this tendency argumes that Republicans would have been far better off with a Romney, a Gingrich, a Thompson, even a Giulianni--than with the less telegenic McCain, despite his many years of dedication and service. Because--you see--things like character and honesty no longer matter to most Americans. These days, it's just about whether you look good on The View or Oprah.

But even given this tragic fact of life in our culture, I remain convinced that if these two candidates had been truly vetted by its own media mouthpieces, we would not have reached the stage of "crisis" where we are today--poised to elect a telegenic, smooth-talking Marxist nightmare.

Even posts like this--assuming people would actually follow the clips and links above and view this compilation of OBAMA'S OWN VIDEO CLIPS--could help. I am convinced the polls would be vastly different than we are seeing--even given that the current polls are heavily weighted to a Democrat bias--if only the people knew what Obama was really about.

If the seditious news media actually cared more about its role in ensuring the proper function of American democracy; if the media had not so disastrously dropped the ball; if it had provided to the electorate all the information it needed, rather than to decide that IT (not the American people) should influence and determine the results of elections--well then, even a telegenic and "cool" character like Obama would not stand a snowball's chance in hell, given his predisposition to lie on demand.

In my view, Barack Obama is a greater danger to America and to what made us great--to what made us the most wealthy, generous, self-sacrificing and egalitarian society in human history; to the Constitution that men died for that gave us the freedoms we take for granted; to the jobs we take for granted; to the LIFE we take for granted--than Al Qaeda ever will be. If we elect this man, I am convinced that history will bear me out on this.

But here is the good news: It is not too late to prevent an unimaginable catastrophe, not only for Americans, but for the hopes of freedom, the poor, and the oppressed throughout the world.

Here is my plea--If you are even thinking about voting for Obama, first do just this:

Read the whole thing, watch every video. Then go read this and this again. Go read THIS--all of it--BOTH parts. And then sit there and try and tell me with a straight face why anyone who is not insane should cast a vote for this man.

And yes: I am saying exactly what I think and exactly how I feel about this man and how dangerous a Democrat sweep would be to everything we care about. Because if I don't say it now, I may very well lose the right to even speak up at all after the election.

I truly do not believe this to be hyperbole or an exaggeration; you need only look at the lengths Obama's campaign and his willing sycophants in Big Media have gone to in order to smear and destroy the lives of decent average Americans like Joe the Plumber to get a clear and disturbing preminition of at what Obama and the hard-Lefites in Congress might try actually try to do to dissent with the full powers of the Presidency. Hell, I think Stalin probably took criticism better than this guy does.

The thought of this man as Commander and Chief is more horrifying to me than was watching those planes hit the WTC. We are under attack. Only it is the worst kind of attack, it is like HIV: a hidden, virulent, insidious betrayal of our core principles from within. The previously healthy "white blood cells" of our society have been tricked by a corrupt, decrepit, monstrous philosophy--disguised as an easy way out for the terminally lazy.

We might as well be living Christmas Eve, 1776. And like Washington's Army, camped across the Delaware River in the cold and fog, about to embark on a raid that would change history--we still have a glimmer of hope today.

But hope is not enough. It is time to ACT.

No matter how hard it is to do, no matter how it may turn your stomach, go cast your vote TODAY for John McCain, Sarah Palin, and every Republican Senator, Congressman, Judge, and City Council member on your ballot. It is time for those who love this country to again cross the Delaware. Otherwise the very idea of preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution the United States of America could all be gone, poof, just like that. And the sequence of events that initiated the downfall of this magnificent country will have reached critical mass on YOUR watch. The shame will not be mine--it will be YOURS, and it will be triggered by the blind "obedience" to the suggestions of the self-important, corrupted media you so foolishly followed off the cliff like sheep.

If you vote for Barack Obama; if you actually took the trouble read and view all this information, followed all the links and watched all the videos and yet can still somehow in your twisted mind justify voting for this man, then you will have to live for the rest of your life with the consequences of your choice. If you have any conscience at all, if there is such a thing as Justice or Karma: the decision to help this man to steal our country out from under us will haunt you for the rest of your natural lives. And it will be punishment well deserved.

It doesn't have to be this way. Please don't kill our country. There is still time.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

We must stay strong, we must not give up the fight, we must get out there on election day and vote for John McCain. Staying home is for sissies. He can ONLY win if we all do the right thing. So get your second wind and push forward.

Mark Harvey aka Snooper said...

EXCELLENT rant! From one Texican to another, the Republic of Texas will NOT recognize Czarbie as President.