Friday, October 17, 2008

Next on Democrat Agenda: Nationalizing Your 401K

I saw this today in the Wall Street Journal. Only it is not as bad as it sounds...it's much worse.

And then there was THIS... Because the Socialists running Congress are doing such an exemplary job with managing your Social Security and Medicare and determining which poor people should get housing loans they could never repay, the same Democrats have now set their sights on your 401K. THIS IS NOT A DRILL; if they get the plurality they hope to get in November, look for this to happen sooner rather than later (perhaps even before January). Read and weep--or else get off your lazy butts and throw these Marxist vermin out on their collective asses where they belong. The choice is yours (emphasis mine):

House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller (D-CA) is holding a hearing today entitled, "The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Workers' Retirement Security."

In reality, it's a dog-and-pony show to advocate for the nationalization of 401(k) plans. The theory is that workers are too stupid to manage them ourselves, so we need to have the government do it for us.

Don't believe me? Here's what Dr. Teresa Ghilarducci, one of the star witnesses, had to say :

Going forward, I propose Congress establish universal Guaranteed Retirement Accounts and the federal government deposit $600 (inflation indexed) in those Guaranteed Retirement Accounts every year for every worker. Every worker (not in an equivalent defined benefit plan) would save 5% of their pay into their Guaranteed Retirement Account to which the government pays a 3% inflation-indexed guaranteed return. Workers would earn pension credits based on these accumulations.

Slowly but surely, your country, your wealth and your freedom is being stolen out from under your noses. A few of us see what is happening; sadly, the majority do not. Short of an out-and-out revolution, waking up enough of our citizens to what is happening is our only hope.

How many modern day Paul Revere's are out there? The British aren't coming, but the Marxists are already here and they are about this steal this thing out from under your noses.

The good news: you don't need horses, you don't need "One if by Land, Two if by Sea..." -- you just need your computer. But it is time to get busy, not just with the like minded, but also with newspapers and other periodicals. It is time to threaten sponsors to stop buying their products who advertise on propaganda networks like CNN and MSNBC. It is time to volunteer to get out the vote. It is time to give money until it hurts--because it is going to hurt a lot worse if these Thugocrats get their way. In just three weeks can be the beginning of losing your right to have your vote counted accurately, losing your weapons and right to defend yourself, and even your right to speak out against the thugs who smile and talk about "hope" even as they plan your demise. Talk radio? History. Your internet communications? Monitored, just like the STASI. Your property? Theirs, just because they say so. Your earnings? No--their earnings, to "spread the wealth" just as Barack let slip to Joe the Plumber.

I don't think that people get how dire this situation is: it is ALL in jeapordy. Everything we stand for. And that's on top of the ever-present catastrophic terror threat from Islamic zealots; of unbridled anti-Semitism and the destruction of Israel; of their turning the US economy into Cuba-style socialism; and who knows what else. Auditing political "enemies" or anyone who dares to question them? Just look at how they are treating a plumber who dared to question their candidate!

What else? Emasculating our military and technological advantage? Re-education "camps" for dissidents? Soup kitchens and mediocrity for all?

It's all on the table--more than ever before in our long storied history; ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens: this bunch wants it ALL. The whole enchilada.

And only YOU stand between them and getting their wishes. It is time to stop complaining about it and to do what you have to do.

It is not too late. You MUST get out there, spread the word about the danger we are in, and work like there is no tomorrow until November. You must expose the corruption wherever it can be found (and it won't be hard...).

Because--here's the thing--after November, there may be no tomorrow for this Republic and its Constitution...

This is our Gettysberg. This is our Utah Beach. This is our Valley Forge. We have two choices: either to surrender to tyranny or to take our country back. What's it gonna be?


Godefroi said...

"A Guaranteed Retirement Account"

Isn't that how they sold the idea of Social Security in the first place? That it would be a safe and guaranteed income after retirement?

Fool me once....

The Merry Widow said...

Not only am I linking to this, but I'm reposting it on my blog...CHEEZ LOUISE!
This country has gone looney!


Anonymous said...

Election 2008 may be the most important election in US history. We all need to vote. Everyone.


Republicans vote on 4 Nov

Democrats vote on 7 Nov