Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The ENORMITY of the Problem: An ACORN Voter Fraud Who's Who--State by State

This is a stunning and sobering round-up, via GayPatriotWest. Take a deep breath before reading this. Follow the links. Consider that today in Ohio the crooked FraudMaster herself has identified that there are reportedly 200,000 ballots in question (that is probably an UNDERSTATEMENT if you read between the lines...imagine the horror that hundreds of thousands of false votes will now have to be verified against official drivers license and SSN databases.).

Get ready for the ugliest, most fraudulent, most angry election since 1860. Get ready for thugs, mobs, slashed tires and lawyers fighting over every last precinct. Get ready for charges of racism, threats of race riots--and perhaps real riots when polls close. The litigation may go on for months... the damage to the country may go on for years. Obama's chickens--bred during his years of "Community Organizing" for ACORN, the Reverend Wright, and the thugs funded by George Soros and company (and your tax dollars)--have come home to roost.

Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to the People's Republic of Venezuela--brought to you by Chavez' good friend Barack Obama and his thousands of ACORN Brownshirts:

In my post on the complicity of Democratic officials in vote fraud, I addressed problems in just one state. As I began work on a larger post, exploring how such chicanery could help Obama steal the election, I realized I had such a wealth of information, it would be easier simply to list the stories state by state, providing links to the relevant articles.

You’ll note that most sources are local papers and news stations or blogs, few are national media or the leading dailies. That is, while local media and blogs are covering this, the national media is downplaying it or downright ignoring it.







New Mexico

North Carolina





Remove Connecticut and Texas and the list above reads like a list of the swing states in this election. Will the media notice how widespread is this fraud?

UPDATE: Jim Hoft has uncovered more examples of fraud that those linked in this post. Check out his pieces, first on his own blog and then on Pajamas.

See also previous posts on this topic here, here, here, and here.

Folks, it does not get any more dangerous than this. Florida 2000 is a picnic in comparison. And Barack Obama is sitting atop the entire corrupt monstrosity, insulated from almost all media criticism (just like Chavez), and hiding almost every single detail of what he would actually do (does the name Stalin ring a bell?). Rest assured that none of it involves Capitalism and Free Markets.

Barack Obama is now and always has been a hard-core Marxist. That is simply a fact. He has been endorsed by: Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Libya, China, Syria... and has gotten illegal funding from most if not all of the above. (links to follow later)

Will McCain call him out on these things tonight? And will it be too little, too late? Or will he simply continue his vapid, cowardly retreat to "he's an honorable man, etc." Where I come from, it is dishonorable to NOT identify why your opponent would be a disastrous. But, don't hold your breath hoping for a miracle there...

This is the most dangerous election in American history. And it is going to get much worse before it gets better.


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