Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama's Lawyers sue LA Talk Station, claiming "Bias"

Ah, Stalinism. It seems that whenever Obama gets his dander up about a little criticism, he either goes to court to try and shut it down--or to the Justice Department...

Can someone who is this thin-skinned really handle the pressures of the Oval Office??

You tell me:

Radio Equalizer’s Brian Maloney reports on the latest attempt by leftist speech-chillers to level the talk radio playing field…by suing conservative talk radio hosts to shut them up and shut them down:

Having failed to shut down conservative talk radio through every means possible, including well- funded attack sites, smear strategies and so much more, the left has opened up a new front on its war against viewpoints they oppose. The new approach: simply sue your political foes right out of business.

In what appears to be a test case for what could become a future trend nationwide, a suit has been filed in Los Angeles against conservative talk station KRLA, which is owned by Salem Broadcasting.

In the suit, David Birke and attorney Johnny Birke argue that KRLA uses public airwaves to push Republican Party causes, an old lefty chestnut.

Barack Obama’s thug lawyers give the tactics two thumbs up.

And it has only been a couple of weeks since he flipped out over Stanley Kurtz trying to review his business dealings with convicted terrorist William Ayers:

The Obama campaign has tonight again demonstrated that it will try to silence voices with which it does not agree. This should chill all Americans, for it offers a preview of the tactics to which a President Obama might harness the power of the federal government. The means chosen include harassment of television stations running the 527 group Ayers ad, a demand for a Justice Department investigation, and just last night, disruption of a radio talk show in Chicago that dared have Dr. Stanley Kurtz of National Review, who has been examining the archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, in which Bill Ayers and Barack Obama worked as colleagues.

The Obama campaign was given an opportunity to send a representative to discuss the Bill Ayers-Barack Obama-Chicago Annenebrg Challenge on the MIlt Rosenberg show last night, along with Stanley Kurtz. They refused to send anyone to debate the issue.

Instead the Obama campaign initiated an attack the likes of which veteran broadcaster (and University of Chicago professor) Milt Rosenberg has not seen in his 30 years on the air. Constant emails and phone calls -- jamming the lines at a minimum and perhaps trying to chill free speech. Would Barack Obamam the "consitutional law professor" (lecturer, actually) approve of this message -- that free speech should be harassed into silence?

(Update: a podcast of the complete show is available here. )

The Los Angeles Times and The Swamp blog of the Chicago Tribune weigh in. )

I thought the left believed that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. I guess that does not hold true if you dissent from the cult of Obama.

We live in scary times.
Yes, we do... I have news for Mr. Obama: there is a lot more pressure inside the Oval Office. If he is reacting this way now, what could we expect in a real crisis when he his getting criticized by half of the American public, or more? We arguably are seeing the unravelling of the "Messiah" myth before our very eyes.

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