Thursday, September 11, 2008


More evidence that the Obamessiah is not ready to lead:

The reason the pig idea popped into Barack Obama's mouth is that Palin had used the pitbull and lipstick joke in her speech. Can anyone doubt that?

So Obama was using it as a jibe against her. This was monumentally foolish. And this raises questions about Obama's character.

Second, the character question it raises is not that he is a sexist or that he lacks courtesy. It is that he folds under pressure.

Obama has looked amazingly uncomfortable under the pressure that Palin has put him under. He relies on his cool - it is a core part of his appeal. So he looks bad when he loses it. During the Hillary contest he rarely came under any pressure from the media. When he did he reacted badly.

So the problem caused by Palin isn't really about Palin - it's about Obama.

The Obamessiah has said that his conduct of his Presidential campaign shows his readiness to assume the executive responsibilities of the office.

Crumpling under pressure is not what we need in a President.

Not now, not anytime. No way.

(Hat tip: Instapundit.)


dave in boca said...

Good point. You know that Sarah is bouncing around inside Obama's melon on a 24/7 basis and to watch the YouTube is to see that Barry was trying a stand-up schtick that went horribly wrong. The first half had the crowd in titters as it got the reference---he just tried a double-bank cheap shot and now the MSM is trying to pull his chestnuts out of the fire [metaphor alert!]

BHussein-O is unaccountable and is now running to media morons like Letterboy to help extricate himself from his silliness. He flipped a bird to Hillary & the MSM gave him a pass on that---maybe he doesn't like strong women?

Unknown said...

It's been part funny and part infuriating to watch most every tv anchor/personality try to run cover for obama's pig comments.

Is there nothing these people won't do?

Punditarian said...


Reliapundit recently suggested on this blog that Obama may very well carry a lot of resent towards his mother, and that may be reflected in his responses to Hillary and Sarah.