Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Glenn Reynolds seems a bit surprised the USN is fighting piracy here in the 21st Century:

THE U.S. NAVY IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Fighting Pirates. No, really.

He shouldn't be surprised at all.

The Barbary Pirates were muslims when Jefferson fought them and they're muslims still as Bush fights them. (INFO HERE AND HERE AND HERE. AND ALSO HERE.)

Muslims have always pursued their goals via piracy, rape, looting, terror, genocide.

Nothing will change on the high seas or in the GWOT until the muslims do - or until islam is largely erased from the face of the earth.

We de-nazified Germany; ultimately we need to de-islamify earth.


Always On Watch said...

Remember when Columbus was seeking new routes? At least part of the reason was that Moslems were marauding. Moslems weren't the only thieves in that case, of course. But they were involved.

I got that above information years ago from my Spanish professor, who hailed from Andalucia and specialized in medieval literature and history.

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