Sunday, August 31, 2008

UPDATED---OUTRAGE: Colmes criticizes Sarah Palin's "Pre-Natal Care" - UPDATE Andrew Sullivan joins the hyenas

Note to Sean Hannity: it is now time to find another partner for your Fox show. Do not pass "Go"; do not collect $200... Alan Colmes has got to go.

First of all he brings no credibility whatsoever, all he ever seems to be doing is trying to shout over whoever else is talking. And we now see that at his core he is no different than any other Leftist ideologue--especially now that he has stooped to this... NOTE: the post has been deleted from Colmes' website--obviously he took it down--but fortunately Kim Priestap had already captured the screen. (See her post here). Nice try, Alan:

Click to enlarge this image of the post on Colmes website, before he took it down...

The hidden message in Colmes' post seems to be: if you are a woman thinking about taking on a "real" job (you know--one to break that "glass ceiling", like Governor or CEO or VP), just go ahead and abort that child now, lest some low-life scum accuse you later of not handling your own pregnancy properly. You will note: these are the same low-lifes who will go to the wall for an extra-legal Supreme Court decision that calls a prohibition to abortion by the citizens of a State an invasion of a woman's right to her own "privacy"--and are the same people who would then assail any Corporation that doesn't promote a woman who chooses to have a child over one who does not (i.e. who dares to put her family over her career).


If Hannity values his own credibility he needs to distance from Colmes--the sooner the better. But Rupert Murdoch should not leave it to Shawn: Alan Colmes should be fired. Immediately. The most important thing a news network has is its reputation; and if Murdoch cares about the reputation of his network, Fox should not be putting someone on the air who shows this kind of judgment by stooping to this level of sleazy attack.

At least now it is apparent to even the dimmest of bulbs what the Democrat Party really thinks of "womens' issues"--that is if you happen to be a woman who does not see the world as Democrats are "supposed to". Ever since Palin's big coming out on Friday it is clear that the holier-than-thou "champions" of womens' rights in the Democrat Party in reality do not care a whit about "womens' rights" or "gender rights" or any other rights--unless appearing to be "concerned" helps them to acquire power; in fact, the only thing that matters to these hypocrites when it comes to gender is that a "moral" woman must share their Socialist, politically-correct (when convenient to their cause, that is...) ideology.

This has never been clearer than this weekend, as Obama's surrogates and media lapdogs have already started taking cheap shots at this mother of 5 who did the right thing; something that very few women in her position would do, despite knowing in advance that this child would likely be a Down's Syndrome child. How many women of her age and position would go through with the pregnancy, rather than go against her own moral beliefs about when life begins, its preciousness, etc.?

Yet the Left dares to attack her for this?

Is this not is after all the very definition of what "breaking the glass ceiling" is supposed to mean according to the "script"?

Palin is a wife a mother who also wanted a career, and who has now demonstrated that a woman with integrity and determination can have a family and reach the top. Sarah Palin is a perfect role model for little girls out there, according to this paradigm (and regardless of paradigm...). But now that she threatens the Democrat Party's hold on power--all that "womens' rights" stuff suddenly flies right out the window; and so now we have cretins like Alan Colmes coming out of the woodwork, inventing non-existent scandals and second guessing her (and her physician's) decisions during her pregnancy. Disgusting.

Colmes' is not the only example of this newly found Democrat "right" to second-guess a woman's "privacy", it is just the most recent and most shocking. Colmes is in good company, as evidenced here and here. And trust me, this is only the beginning: Sarah Palin is Barack Obama's worst nightmare, and the fact that the Left is already resorting to this kind of slimy behavior is living testament to their fear of her. Not to mention the fact that Palin has effectively killed Obama's expected "bounce".

This is sick stuff, folks. This. is. who. they. are; their one and only moral principle is: Absolute power justifies any means, absolutely.

If Obama's dissing of Hillary wasn't enough, slimy characters like these are now expediting the implosion of identity politics (at least as applied to women) within the Democrat party. Not that the disappearance of identity politics is a bad result; I only hope that Americans are paying close attention.

UPDATE: Rich Lowry reflects on Trig Paxon Van Palin. This reality, compared to the garbage coming from the Left is telling, to say the least (h/t Reliapundit).

UPDATE: Michelle reports that Andrew Sullivan is now joining the "Trig Palin Truthers":

Andrew Sullivan, who once gave me a “Malkin Award” for “excitably” asking questions about the Obama-Ayers connection, is chasing down the TRUE FACTS ABOUT TRIG PALIN like Alex Jones shambling after a 9-11 widow holding a chocolate cake.

Ace wrote me to suggest I “never link this {naughty word} again”, which is a request I’ll gladly accommodate. I don’t think I ever have linked him and I’m certainly not going to reward such a gauche display of Ted-Sampley-level rumormongering with a link, even in order to laugh at him.

Anyway: you know what this reminds me of? Those two nights in 2004 when both John Kerry and John Edwards made a point to bring up DICK CHENEY’S GAY DAUGHTER during their respective debates–a gratuitous, pointless, dank, greasy, creepy cheapshot that reveals the Left to lack class as well as discernment.

(Edwards smarminess at one minute in.)

I guess it’s different because Dick Cheney’s daughter actually was gay, whereas this is a bizarre fantasy. But in both cases: even if this were true, so what? And as I mentioned below, if it were true, it actually makes Palin look saintly in her devotion to family.

The calculated sneering at Dick Cheney’s kid blew up in the Dems’ face. While I don’t wish any more intrusion into the Palins’ family life, I kind of hope the unhinged Left–among whose ranks the oh-so-cultivated Sullivan is now comfortably perched–keep showing this angry, unhinged, bitter snarl to the American public as they indulge their first instinct: going after the candidate’s mentally challenged infant son and high-school aged daughter.

Boors and barbarians. Is there a decent core to the Left–or at least a politically savvy core to the Left–that is willing to take a stand for decency?

Well, thought I’d ask.


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Christopher said...

I've read comments about how Liberals think that it is more humane to abort a baby rather then make it suffer a life of sorrow.

The Liberals are trying to justify to themselves the taking of a life, and then trying to make everyone else feel their pain at making choices like that.

That is BS, abortion is not taking responsibility for your actions, plain and simple and I can not see how this ever became ok in this country.

Like most things Liberal, instead of learning from your mistakes, the Liberals just get someone else to pay for them and you are off scot free. In this case the developing baby is snuffed out.

Punditarian said...


Great Post! The similarities to the Cheney family attacks are telling. This is an old Democrat game plan. What a disgusting bunch of creeps.

Unknown said...

Colmes should be fired right away. He's a shame for FoxNews. He has no opinion but opposition only and claims to be liberal: he's not liberal but small.

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