Sunday, August 31, 2008

ULTRA-LIB KINSLEY: "The whole "experience" debate is silly."

Michael Kinsley: "The whole "experience" debate is silly."

For veep, foreign policy/national security experience is not as important as it is for the POTUS.

A veep can have a different "portfolio"; Mitt would have brought economic expertise - not foreign policy or national security experience.

Palin brings courageous corruption fighting & pork-busting. Washington needs EXACTLY this - DESPERATELY!

In addition, she brings impeccable conservative values. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Better than Mitt.


ChenZhen said...

I agree with Kinsley, and he makes a couple of good points that so much of this is about how you spin it, and McCain's camp has been focusing so much on it.

Tell me something though RP, considering the fact that a responsible candidate would pick a VP that could slide right into the oval office should the need arise, would Palin have been your first choice? As I've argued on my blog, this is more like a transparent pander to you conservatives, and it appears to be working.

Christopher said...

Earlier this year I was all for Romney, I still like him and he would make a great cabinet member for John McCain. The media was hinting that Romney could be McCains top choice but I felt that wasn't going to happen.

Yes the government does need to be cleaned up and for the waste in Washington needs to be cut out. To many people with their hands in the cookie jar but no one wants to take the responsibility to say 'enough - stop'.

Every time money is assigned to projects it needs to be made public and easier to track. We need to know what these elected officals are doing with our future.

Reliapundit said...

thanks for the question chenny.

i preferred mitt. for potus and veep.

palin has some pluses compared to mitt and some minuses.

she's both a nod to us hard-right hawks and to reformists.

i think she's stronger on foreign policy and national security as obama - she's just not had classified briefing yet.

her perosnal qualities are extraordinary: a mother of 4 who didn't abort her fifth when she found out he had an extra chromosome; a hunter; a pilot; a star athlete; a journalist; a mayor; a reforming anti-pork guv with 86% approval #'s,. and a son who enlisted on 9/11 of last year and is deploying to iraq this coming 9/11.

she's palain-talker, too.

i wasn;t impressed when i heard the news.

some hillary women called me after having seen her at the rally - live - and were all WOWED! i was skeptical and hedging -


i was wowed.

she will be our POTUS one day.


she has NOT hung out with the likes of ayers and fm davis and wright her whole adult life either.

she's a God-fearing church-going NRA member.

a lovely to look at and easy to listen to.

a winner.

not a whiner.


Punditarian said...


Governor Palin is more experienced and more qualified than Senator Obama, so maybe you should be asking that question of the Democrats. Whoa re they pandering to, anyway?

ChenZhen said...


Certainly there's a distinction.

Obama is in the position he’s in because he received votes from millions of people. Now, cynics such as you guys might pose the argument that he’s there despite his thin resume because of elements of white guilt, media shilling, the perceived need to be involved in something historical, etc. But the underlying question is “what were 18 million people thinking?”. I suppose that's valid, but elected he was.

So let me play the role of the cynic with regards to Palin, but in the context here the question is “what was McCain thinking?”. I'm saying that he's pandering to get elected, and not much concerned with what happens once she's in there. But hey, it might actually work.