Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I think that Mr. Obama's core personality defect is that he is too "outer-directed".

His value system and outlook - and his presentation of self at any given moment - depend too much on the approval of others, especially people he feels have a high prestige value.

He cares too much about the approval of others and not adherence to core values - to being inner-directed.

The chief symptom of this is evidenced by his CONSTANT flip-flopping and pandering and need for nearly continuous "clarifications".


His PERFORMANCE in front of AIPAC - and his subsequent need to "clarify" his remarks are a good example:

While in front of this group, he pandered - he said what he had to say to get approval. He told them he would only always accept an "undivided Jerusalem". The next day he "clarified his remarks, and has since said that he would accept a divided Jerusalem provided there was now barbed wire; (as if the fence which has protected Israel from terrorist attackers infiltrating from the West bank - an area under control of Abbas - wouldn't be necessary to protect Israelis/JEWS from attackers infiltrating "Israeli-Jerusalem" from "Arab-Jerusalem").

He tells Moveon types one thing and DLC types another. He derides NAFTA to Ohio's voters, but dispatches aides to tell Canadians he doesn't mean it.


His penchant for this is not merely the ambition of a politician; its cause is deeper; it's cause is Obama's disturbed childhood and broken family.

Obama was dumped by his father, then his step-father, then his mother. The he dumped hi grandparents, dumped his west coast college pals, went to Columbia, Chicago, Harvard Law, and back to Chicago. He went from being a Child of a Muslim, to Indonesia and a madrassa, to an elite high school in Hawaii. From being raised anti-Americans, to being raised by patriotic whites, to hanging out with druggies and anti-American elitists.

All along the way he morphed - he learned to do AND TO APPEAR TO BE whatever he needed to be to be accepted and loved.

He became adept at appearing to be whatever he had to. At the moment.

It's why Obama is fundamentally an APPEASER; it's the core of his personality. It's why he will appease rather than stand up for anything.

Here's how I described him last year:
Barack was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. He struggled with his identity until his conversion by Jeremiah Wright. Some say Wright didn't convert him to Christianity, but actually made Barack an African-American. The "Black Liberation Theology" practiced at Obama's church would seem to back this up.

Barack's greatest accomplishment has been his ability to make African-Americans think he's one of them - even though he is NOT the descendant of slaves, even though his ancestors were NEVER victims of segregation or Jim Crow, and even though his parents NEVER took part in the Civil Rights Movement.

He is in the process of fooling white Americans about more than his identity; he is fooling many about his political ideology.

He is running as a uniter and a doer, even though he is the most liberal Senator currently serving, and one who has NOTHING top show for his entire term to date: HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING.

And despite the fact that he has UNITED nothing and no one.

The core of Barack's identity really is this: he is a sly sweet-talking LIAR and a thoroughly corrupt Chicago politician, who is a member of a racist church, who is also a hard-core leftist who has already begun to list the taxes he will increase.
Obama's foreign policy is based on his need for what he sees as European approval - or the approval of the "world community".

This approval is so great he would sacrifice our national security to it.


The first miracle the Messiah will accomplish is ridding the world of nuclear weapons! Dreamy, huh? I imagine he will do this after putting putting spilt milk back into the jug.

Two goals of his administration would be to secure all loose nuclear material during his first term and to rid the world of nuclear weapons, Obama told an audience before a roundtable discussion at Purdue University.

Obama said adhering to nonproliferation treaties would put pressure on nations such as North Korea and Iran.

Charles Johnson explains:

Because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-Il will look at the US adhering to those treaties, and be embarrassed into getting rid of their weapons programs.

Or something like that.

Lawhawk cuts through the idiocy:

It’s unilateral, and it would leave the US at the mercy of its enemies, both in the present and going forward.

Charles Johnson is right. This pusillanimous appeasement, pure and simple. It would not deter our enemies one iota, but it sure would get Obama the love of people who Obama gives a high status and therefore whose love he really REALLY NEEDS.

America and the free world need a POTUS - a COMMANDER IN CHIEF - who relies on deeply held libertarian (small "l") democratic (small "d") and capitalist values of our civilization.

Only a leader who is inner directed by these values can weather the storms which INEVITABLY occur and which the POTUS must lead us through.

EXAMPLE: When Bush was confronted by the deteriorating conditions in Iraq he bucked public opinion and a majority of the pundits and opted to follow Petraeus's Surge. He was able to make that decision - AND STICK WITH IT - because he felt deeply that because Iraqis are humans and because ALL HUMANS are entitled to their universal human rights, and that - as both the world's only true superpower and the defender of the free world, and because we pre-emptively invaded - we owed them our best efforts.

Only an inner-directed person with a deep commitment to these values could have withstood the relentless personal attacks and the ling tough slog.

Now the results are in: WE WON.

Had Kerry or Obama or Hillary or Biden been in office al Qaeda and Iran would have won.

The only thing we can dependably predict about an Obama presidency (GOD FORBID!) is that he will go whichever way seems expedient and do whatever makes him seem most loved at the moment.

This is a recipe for appeasement.

And we know what the fruits of appeasement are.

IOW: the world becomes a much more dangerous place the moment he wins (GOD FORBID!).

We must work tirelessly to prevent that.

The future of the free world depends on our defeating Obama.

Up to now, he has "merely" and repeatedly tossed relatives and dear friends people under the proverbial bus: his grandmother; Wright; Pfleger and so on.

Up to now, he has "merely" flip-flopped on flag-pins, NAFTA, Jerusalem - and about 35 other positions.

Up to now these have only cost him votes.

But if he's elected POTUS (GOD FORBID!), then his need for approval and his penchant to do whatever he has to in order to gain it - his facility for abandoning friends and professed values in order to appease critics - THEN HIS CORE PERSONALITY DEFECT WOULD BE A NATIONAL DISASTER AND A DISASTER FOR THE FREE WORLD.

MCCAIN IS THE OPPOSITE: McCain is inner-directed, and he's proven by his conduct as a POW and his career spanning three decades in Congress that he is willing to sacrifice personal status to high ideals.

McCain is fit for high office.

Obama isn't.


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