Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am no chemist so maybe I am missing something here but, as far as I know, CO2 absorption into water is greatest in COLD water. So it should be global COOLING that causes an increase in ocean acidity. So is all the panic about ocean acidification -- as in the paper below -- an acknowledgment that it is cooling, not warming, that threatens us? Journal abstract follows. -- JR

Evidence for Upwelling of Corrosive "Acidified" Water onto the Continental Shelf

Richard A. Feely et al.

The absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) into the ocean lowers the pH of the waters. This so-called ocean acidification could have important consequences for marine ecosystems. To better understand the extent of this ocean acidification in coastal waters, we conducted hydrographic surveys along the continental shelf of western North America from central Canada to northern Mexico. We observed seawater that is undersaturated with respect to aragonite upwelling onto large portions of the continental shelf, reaching depths of ~40 to 120 meters along most transect lines and all the way to the surface on one transect off northern California. Although seasonal upwelling of the undersaturated waters onto the shelf is a natural phenomenon in this region, the ocean uptake of anthropogenic CO2 has increased the areal extent of the affected area.

Science 13 June 2008: Vol. 320. no. 5882, pp. 1490 - 1492

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10ksnooker said...

Stick some metal in the ocean, see how fast it corrodes. Must be global warming. Hey wait a minute, people have been trying to protect the metal on boats since the beginning of the use of metal on boats ... never mind.

Yep you be right, CO2 absorption in water is temperature sensitive, more absorbs when cold, less when hot. A recent discovery by the alarmists, old news to soft drink manufacturers and soda pop clerks.

The alarmist are aimlessly tossing about for some argument that they can make, since the science of the current argument has turned against their computer models.

They have to do something to keep hope alive.