Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pakistan Signs Peace Pact With Militants In Swat

From the New York Times:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistan's government promised to
"gradually" pull out troops from the northwestern valley of Swat after signing a
peace agreement with Taliban
militants on Wednesday.

The deal was done a day after the United States advised its ally
against negotiating with militants, saying it could give them breathing space to
plot attacks in Pakistan and abroad.

Authorities in North West Frontier Province also agreed to enforce
sharia, Islamic law, in Swat in return for assurances that militants led by
charismatic cleric Fazlullah will cease attacks, allow girls to go to school and
stop carrying weapons in public.

Let's be clear; this was done against USA wishes, by the Pakistani political parties which Joe Biden, John Kerry, and the Democratic Party in general, supported in the election.

This government also supports the Columbian terrorist group FARC.

The Democrats sure do know how to pick allies.

And, by the way, how long do you think the Hudna allowing girls to go to school will last? I give it three months.

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