Friday, May 09, 2008

Must not desecrate Mexican flag

You can stomp Old Glory all you like. One of Obama's buddies did it not so long ago (See above). But trash the Mexican flag and the ACLU wants in
"A high school student says he may file a lawsuit against a physical education teacher who took a Mexican flag he had brought for Cinco de Mayo and put it in the garbage. Clint Straatman denies Froylan Camelo's version of events but said he took the flag Monday because "white kids" might have hurt the 16-year-old. He said he put it in a garbage can because he had no place else to keep it.

Camelo said he was changing into gym clothes at Minico High School in Rupert when Straatman told him, "Give me the flag." "I said, 'What's the problem?'" Camelo, speaking in Spanish, told The Times-News of Twin Falls. "He said, 'The problem is that we are in the United States and not in Mexico.' He grabbed it from me. He threw the flag in the garbage can."

Camelo said he then took the undamaged flag out of the garbage. He said he's been contacted by the American Civil Liberties Union and is considering a lawsuit against Straatman.

Camelo and others brought Mexican flags to the south-central Idaho school to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the May 5 recognition of Mexico's victory over the French army on that day in 1862. About a third of the student body is Hispanic.


Just a small note about Google censorship. The picture above seems to have been censored from their image cache. I did a Google image search for it and could not find it -- despite it being much in the news lately. In response to the search terms "Ayers" with "flag" it should have been at the top of the page. I guess it is pretty red-hot so Google seem to have done their best to keep it from our eyes.

Maybe after they read this they will restore it. They do seem to respond to criticisms I make of them. I guess they have a team monitoring all adverse mentions of them. They probably search for combinations of the terms "Google" and "evil" -- as critics of Google often mock their proclaimed policy of not being evil.

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