Saturday, May 24, 2008

More on G*ogle hypocrisy

As I noted on 21st, G*ogle is very reluctant to remove Islamist content from its YouTube service. They are perfectly entitled to do (or not do) that, of course. What is striking, however, is their rationale for their actions. They say:
"YouTube's community guidelines prohibit hate speech and ask users not to post videos that show someone getting hurt, attacked or humiliated.

How come therefore that:
""Terrorists riddle American soldiers with bullets and explosives while chanting "Allahu Akbar" or "God is the greatest" in videos on the popular G*ogle-owned video-sharing website, YouTube. With a quick search of the site, the following can be found:

IEDs detonate on U.S. soldiers in a pickup truck

Graphic video of numerous explosions killing Marines

A U.S. medic being gunned down by a terrorist

A Humvee explodes, killing five U.S. soldiers

Chemical weapons attacks

A video entitled "Fight to the End" featuring a series of violent explosions killing American troops

Insurgent snipers picking off U.S. soldiers


Clearly, G*ogle is saying one thing and doing another. What they do not admit but which their behavior clearly shows is that it is conservative content which they restrict. There are almost no restrictions for Leftists and Islamists. The restrictions apply only to conservatives and those who criticize Islam. G*ogle are, quite simply, political bigots.

Posted by John Ray. For a daily critique of Leftist activities, see DISSECTING LEFTISM. For a daily survey of Australian politics, see AUSTRALIAN POLITICS Also, don't forget your roundup of Obama news and commentary at OBAMA WATCH

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