Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Man" Arrested With Explosive Residue At Swedish Nuclear Power Plant

From Sky News:
A nuclear power station in Sweden has been sealed off after a worker was stopped at the entrance with a plastic bag containing traces of explosives.

Investigators took the man, a welder who was scheduled to do work at the Oskarshamn plant, in for questioning. They later arrested a second man because "there is some uncertainty about who owns the bag", a spokesman said.

Plant operator OKG downplayed the incident, saying there was no threat to the safety of the plant, about 150 miles south of Stockholm. Police said the man carried a plastic bag with an unknown amount of triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, an
explosive used in the London bombings in 2007.

A plant spokesman said there were no explosives inside the bag, but traces of the
explosive substance were found on the bag's handle.
A bomb squad was sent to the plant to investigate the findings. Police set up a security perimeter with a 1,000ft (300m) radius around the plant, but workers already inside were not evacuated.

The plant continued to operate normally. The Oskarshamn plant has three nuclear reactors, which produce about 10% of Sweden's electricity supply.
Google it. Over fifty news stories so far, and none of them provide the name of the man.

Could have been a leftist, but if so, then why the reticence to release his name.

Don't worry, though. It was probably only a "man", not a Muslim.

UPDATE: two "men"... one had been previously under surveillance...


JT said...

but of course it is not important if the man "just happens to be a Muslim"

Pastorius said...

Of course not, because Lord knows people of all religions go crazy and cause trouble here and there.

Fred Fry said...

the Swedes and the Finns are really keen about not including names of people arrested in press reports, muslims or otherwise.