Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Soft" Jihad: Using Lawsuits and Intimidation to silence Western Criticism of Political Islam

The extraordinary lengths to which the sworn enemies of Western Civilization have been attempting to destroy our institutions, our Constitution, and our freedom of Speech--all which have been paid for with the blood of hundreds of thousands of American lives since the 1770's--are not merely confined to barbaric videotaped killings, rockets and IED's aimed at innocent civilians, orchestrated rioting, and Global Terrorism in general.

The enemies of freedom are also using rampant Political Correctness as a key weapon in its strategy destroy our institutions by other means, including: threats of violence, vocal and physical intimidation to suppress dissent, sympathetic MSM media coverage, Leftist Academic activism, partisan Democrat politicians, sleazy Trial Lawyers using specious "Hate Speech" lawsuits, and our broken legal system in general. And that's just in the United States--just ask Mark Steyn how bad things have gotten in Canada... We are not just alluding to an "anomaly" here and there; this is an all-out, coordinated, disciplined assault. As huge as the problem of violent Global Islamist terror is, the Islamofascist "soft war" using Western institutions is a crisis that becomes more acute with each passing year.

PajamasMedia has a very revealing video up today, taken from a panel discussion on this topic, in which Roger Kimball makes a compelling case for just how dangerous this problem has become--with the all-too-willing assistance of the American Left:

Kimball also has a nice bit of writing posted about this assault on our way of life: check it out.

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