Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obamanuts are OK to use the "N-word"

We see an example of it on Daily Kos, no less. Kos himself did not write it but he has left it up -- despite some objections, apparently.

The writer is John Cole, a West Virginia University communications instructor. The gloss he puts on his post is that he is portraying how Republicans really think. Wonderful mind-readers, these Leftists! They just externalize their own thinking, as far as I can see.

ANY mention of the word is however generally taken as offensive these days (unless spoken by blacks) and there was no need to use it. He could have written "n*gger", for instance, as I might have done under similar circumstances. Though I have no doubt that even that usage is on the brink of becoming forbidden.

As a libertarian, I in fact don't think that use of ANY word should be forbidden. But if a word is to be forbidden, I think it should be forbidden to all -- not just forbidden to Christians and conservatives. After all, Leftists do believe in equality, don't they? So what gives them special privileges?

Prominent conservative blogger Don Surber is very critical of Kos over the matter.

Interestingly, it seems to be the same John Cole who brands himself as a hater -- though it is only a virulent hate of Hillary Clinton that he admits to. My suggestion that his "diagnosis" of what Republicans think is just a projection of what he himself thinks would seem to gain some weight from that.

Update: I note that the Kos article was written by a J. Thomas Cronin. I had some information that that was a pseudonym and that the author was Cole but Cole has now challenged that. The matter is only of ephemeral importance so I do not have time at this stage to follow that up.

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