Sunday, March 16, 2008



A wonderful dissertation on the "anti-war" Left. EXCERPT:
Five years in and the people of the Perfect World ramble through the avenues of Washington, stamping their feet and holding their breath, having their tantrums, and telling all who cannot avoid listening that "War is bad for children and other living things." They have flowers painted on their cheeks. For emphasis. Just in case you thought that war was good for children and other living things.

There were children and other living things on the planes that flew into the towers. They all went into the fire and the ash just the same. But they, now, are not important. Nor is the message their deaths still send us when we listen. That message is to be silenced. The rising brand new message is "All we are say-ing is give...." And it is always off-key.

Five years in and they are upset that their party of the 90s has been so long interrupted; that their raves are foreshortened; that their sleep is persistently shaken by car bombs beyond the far horizon; that their time at the mall can not be entirely, completely, and utterly without guilt.

Five years in and the clear and present danger to the nation must be closeted in favor of the unclear and distant end of the world if we insist on exuding, as all life does, carbon dioxide. Send the nation and its armies and its wards and protectorates to the block, but keep the polar bears cold.

"Can't you see that worldwide wall of water sweeping in to inundate all life in 30, 50, 100, 500 years?"

"No. I cannot see it from here."
I can't either.

But I worry about what the world might look like in 5 years if the Left wins the White House and maintains control of the Congress!


The excellent John Burns (of the otherwise crappy leftwing rag The NYTIMES) has another take on the last 5 years in Iraq.

My own experience, invariably, was that Iraqis I met who felt secure enough to speak with candor had an overwhelming desire to see American troops remain long enough to restore stability.
Burns then goes on to equate the "stability" under Saddam with the stability under democracy which we will leave Iraqis with in a couple of years. Which is a false equivalence. WELL, WHATTAYA EXPECT: HE DOPES WRITE FOR THE NYTIMES!

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