Saturday, February 02, 2008



Mitt's plan was to win Iowa and NH and the Michigan and seem inevitable and topple the front-runner: RUDY.

Then came that liberal bigot Hucksterbee, and his subtle anti-Mormon campaign to the idiot yokels of Iowa.

That gave McCain an opening in NH, and in NH's OPEN primary McCain was able to get a plurality of votes - though NOT a plurality of GOP votes.

The MSM has been singing his tune ever since: promoting his pluralities as if they were GOP MAJORITIES.

BOTTOM-LINE: McCain is NOT the first choice of MOST Republicans; Mitt is.

And McCain is not even a fifth choice of conservatives.

If he's on the ballot MILLIONS of conservatives like me will stay home.

Which is the result the MSM and the Left prefer - though they'd be pretty effin' happy if McCain won, too.

So why will I stay home? Because if Obama/Hillary is elected at least the GOP in the Congress MIGHT fight back.

Jim Demint, Jeff Flake, and other true conservatives might then rebuild the GOP.

Here's analogy: We're all at a party. We're all drinking. Except one person - the designated driver. Then, at party's end, all the drunks - except me - VOTE to make another drunk the designated driver. I refuse to go along. So I walk home - with the original designated driver. They crash - and die. My hands are clean and I am alive - and me and the original designated driver are able to fight another day.

And make no mistake about it: McCain is just as bad a drunk-driver (drunk-driver = a lib with tax power!) as Hillary and Obama.

Some commentators argue that at the very least McCain's judicial nominations will be better. I AM NOT SO SURE. AND AGAIN: Senate Republicans are more likely to fight a "moderate" SCOTUS nominee nominated by Hillary than by McCain.

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