Thursday, February 28, 2008


Conservatives are often criticized for being rigid. But Hillary, clearly a leftist, is the epitome of rigidity. From this essay by Dick Morris:
...Even now, with her back against the wall, fighting for her political career, Hillary, presumably with Bill’s acquiescence, insists on making the same mistakes that landed her in the soup. No new tactics, no new strategy, no new message emerges.


We are watching a grim re-enactment of all of the character traits that led Hillary to decompose in the healthcare debate of her husband’s first term. The blind reliance on a guru-delivered strategy, the religious insistence on following the same rhetorical line even when it obviously isn’t working, the inflexibility in adapting to one’s opposition, and the inability to formulate new strategies or to improvise tactics when her pre-conceptions are found to be so obviously faulty — this is Hillary at her worst....
No wonder that various leaders in the Democratic Party are abandoning her, the one who was once considered at shoo-in for the nomination.

This recent column by Richard Cohen, staunch supporter of Bill Clinton's administration, wrote the following the other day:
There is dissension in the Hillary Clinton camp. Top aides have been in arguments, shouting back and forth about differences in strategy. Should Clinton come on strong? Should she go negative? Should she be upbeat and positive? Here's my answer: Stop campaigning.

The evidence is overwhelming that since Super Tuesday, the minute that Clinton steps foot in a state, her numbers start to plummet....


It might seem surprising that Clinton has turned out to be something other than a brilliant campaigner. But consider her record. Back in 1999, she entered the New York Senate race in the manner of Marie Antoinette entering France -- to be ultimately crowned queen. When Clinton announced an interest in running, every other potential Democratic candidate -- Andrew Cuomo, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, even Al Sharpton -- took it as an order to vanish. The strongest of these, Rep. Nita Lowey, graciously stepped aside, as if Clinton was the real McCoy and a six-term member of Congress was an undeserving interloper....
As has been part of the focus here at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS, we need to work on debunking Obamania. Americans need to know that a vote for Obama is a vote for one who stands to the left of Hillary Clinton--never mind how good his rhetoric appears to the untrained ear. Besides, utopias invariably and inevitably fail!

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