Saturday, February 09, 2008

Leftists Cannot be "Pimped out"

Chelsea Clinton has been taking an active part in her mother's campaign. And some people wonder if that is all her own idea. As a result MSNBC TV host David Shuster referred to her as being "pimped out" by her mother's campaign. The remark created a lot of criticism and he later apologized for it. He has however been temporarily suspended from further appearances.

"Pimped out" could nean "highly ornamented" or "flashily dressed" but that does not seem to have been the intended meaning in this case. Rather the implication seems to have been that her mother's campaign staff were "pimps" by pressing Chelsea into service and that Chelsea was a prostitute for consenting to be used that way.

It would have been a REAL uproar if a conservative had said that! But in any case it is surely a legitimate criticism to suggest that some pressure had been placed on the young woman to act as she has done. But nasty words like "pimp" cannot be used for Leftists, of course. But you can say anything you like about Christians and conservatives.

Details here. There is a big discussion of the meaning of "pimp" here.

Posted by John Ray

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