Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hillary's "Shared Prosperity" scam

Excerpt from Tibor Machan

When I was about 12 years old, I was taking a class in my Hungarian elementary school on Marxist economics. One day we were being told about Marx's famous goal for the communist paradise he envisioned for us all: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." As with most kids back in Budapest, I didn't pay much attention to these lessons since they were nothing but pure propaganda for the ruling communists who ran the country. But I did happen to be listening to this particular presentation and once the "teacher" was done, I didn't have the good sense to resist raising my hand to ask a question: "What if my pal here next to me and I both start the week with a fixed amount of money but he purchases some wood and builds a nice table while I buy some wine and drink myself under a table? Will he have to share with me whatever he can earn when he sells his product?" As I recall, I was severely rebuked for my counter-revolutionary remark...

One of the most prominent presidential hopefuls has penned an article for The Wall Street Journal, titled, "My Plan for Shared Prosperity." Its author, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, makes no secret of her plan for massive wealth redistribution should she get the chance to implement her ideas. As she puts it, "My measure of economic success will never be a single, dry statistic. Rather, success means an economy that allows those at the bottom to work their way into the middle class, without pushing anyone out. It means leaving people better off when I finish than when I start. In short, success means an economy that shares its prosperity with all." ...

Of course, Mrs. Clinton isn't much interested in freedom, only in regimentation for the country to meet her standards of economic success. This is revealed in how she talks of "an economy that shares its prosperity." She doesn't appear to grasp that it is not economies that are prosperous, nor engage in sharing anything with anyone. That is what people are and do. And for Mrs. Clinton to get her way, she will have to order the level of prosperity that people will be allowed to attain and force people to share their resources with others, like it or not.

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