Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Low Point for the Worst Congress Ever: Senate wanted new "stimulus package" to benefit Democrat Voter Fraud

Captain Ed has picked up on a little-known reason for why Harry Reid's latest "Stimulus" Bill was dead on arrival: a lot of the money therein appeared to be solely designed to "stimulate" Republican electoral defeat by fraudulent means:
The beneficiaries of the bill turns out to be somewhat different than advertised:


ACORN? Would this be the same ACORN that conducted voter fraud in Washington, resulting in felony charges against its officers there in 2007? Isn't this the same organization that generated complaints and questions about their practices in several other jurisdictions during the 2006 election? How does shoving money into the pockets of ACORN provide an economic stimulus?

This doesn't look like a stimulus package. It looks more like an investment in further voter fraud.

The good Captain has put it so well, why reinvent the wheel here? He also has a transcript of the video above posted.

But I will add: the entire legislative agenda of the Democrats in both houses seem determined to be focused on one thing only: to introduce destructive dead-on-arrival poison pill bill after poison pill bill, ad infinitum, for the rest of the year, thus forcing Republicans to kill them all lest they simply hand absolute power over to the Stalinists. The obstructionist partisans continue to block hundreds of Bush judicial nominees and other Executive appointments--some which have been on ice for over two years now; they continue to try to engineer defeat out of a war we have all but won (but must remain until that victory is locked up); they have single-handedly halted the surveillance of foreign enemy terrorists whose one aim is to kill as many of us as humanly possible--all because they want their trial lawyer sugar daddies to be able to sue the very phone companies who make that surveillance possible. But in the meantime they are doing absolutely nothing whatsoever to actually address in good faith--and with all of the "bipartisan" fanfare they are so fond of talking about--the problems that the American people sent them to Washington to solve. Talk is cheap, and stonewalling is downright immoral. It has been over a year now and our system of elected Government is at a complete standstill. How much longer?

The irony about all of this non-stop political "chicken" that the Socialists are play, is that they can't even do that well; half the time they are easily thwarted by the Republicans, who make them look even more stupid than the incompetent rubes they are.

As was the case last year, and also the entire tenure of the Republican leadership, the primary Democrat goal is to clearly see that virtually nothing whatsoever gets done, other than to produce an entire legislative session of purely political posturing which can be used in vapid campaign sloganeering. Meanwhile the Stalinist ruling the roost have the lowest Congressional approval ratings in American history, and those approval ratings are not exactly heading north with a bullet based on their current scorched-earth agenda. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the poster children for why nothing in Washington is working. Barack Obama is right that America needs change, but totally wrong in where that change needs to occur.

So please allow me to pose this question: why in the world would any American want to send this worthless pile of human dung back to lead the people's Congress next year? Regardless of which Presidential candidate wins, it is clear that putting these incompetent fools into the House and Senate for another two years--who care about nothing other than holding America hostage to its cheap political posturing and thus making it impossible to accomplish anything--could be suicidal for the country at war for its ideals and its very existence.


Punditarian said...


GREAT POST! The cojones of these pendejos are unbelievable. To announce on the record that they wanted to divert taxpayers' dollars to racist, far-left, anti-American agitators. What utter contempt they display for the average American. And of course the media give them a total pass.

Fred Fry said...

Seems that Murtha will have no problem getting reelected as the Rep nominee fell short by 7 signatures. Guess he should have hired a couple ACORN members to help him out.