Thursday, January 03, 2008

$100 OIL vs. $100 LAPTOP - (UPDATED: and OPEC)

2008 - and Oil is trading above $100 US. That is about 4 times the historic average - for a commodity that is probably no better - and perhaps inferior in quality - to the oil produced in the 70's. The cost of producing oil has not increased that much - but of course oil sheiks need to fly in Airbutts Superjumboes instead of 707's... In comparison laptop computers - which deliver far more memory and speed than computers produced in the 70's - are being marketed for $100 US - a fraction of the cost in the 1970's. This comparison objectively illustrates the fantastic progress that has occured over the past 50 years. So f*ck OPEC and Chavez.

RELIAPUNDIT ADDS: The price of computers is down and the quality up relative to previous years because of competition. If there was a computer monopoly then computers would be as bad as phones were when there was a phone monopoly - (and don't tell me about those old rotaries with the gold in 'em which would last forever; they were not as good as an IPHONE or a Razor!).

OPEC is a cartel with a virtual monopoly in oil and we need to break them for oil prices to come down. We can do that by exploring more and developing ALL alternative energy sources: wind; solar; nuclear; AND ANWR AND OFF-SHORE OIL-DRILLING OF THE COASTS OF CA AND FLA, AND COAL; AND COAL TO OIL CONVERSION.

The Democrats are blocking most of the best ways we can increase NON-OPEC supplies most quickly.

AGAIN: It's the Left's fault; they're helping OPEC - which has MANY members who help the jihadists.

Which is why I always say: If we want to defeat the jihadists we need to defeat the Leftists.

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