Saturday, September 01, 2007

Prevent Global Warming - Give Up Soda Pop

That would be one little change that could help put off the advent of catastrophic global warming.

Soda pop drinkers and the companies that supply the soda drinkers are intentionally destroying the planet. One thing soda drinkers could do is to put one can out of every six they drink in storage. That would sequester at least part of the CO2.

So some one is going to tell me next that the CO2 is coming from natural sources. OK. So they have it in tanks. Why are they putting it in soda pop instead of burying it?

How can they release dangerous gases into the world?

Inspired by papertiger in the comments at The Reference Frame

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Anonymous said...

Pages of many web site contains global warming pictures. But that pictures not give enough information of global warming. Global Warming myth is very deep ozone has doubled since the mid-19th century due to chemical emissions from vehicles, industrial processes and the burning of forests, the British climate researchers wrote.