Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Bush is now back up in the polls - in the 30% area. It's simple: the better the Iraq Front goes, the better his numbers get.

It was the same for Lincoln.

In fact, Abe - who is now regarded as the greatest president in our nation's history - had much lower numbers: Lincoln was - in his lifetime, and during his two-terms - THE LEAST POPULAR PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME:
Lincoln was elected with half the vote in half the nation (which INCLUDED the south), or 25%.

And six months before the election of 1864, he was less popular than that - maybe as low as 20%! In fact, he thought he was going to lose. Only a succession of war victories boosted his popularity. With just six months to go before re-election.
Bush has more time before his second term is up, and there is ample time for things to continue as they are - to such a degree as to push him well over 50% again.

Victory has a thousand fathers don't you know...

I expect this to be the case.

What is sad for me is the fact that the numbers reveal that most Americans still do not grasp what is at stake, or the need to confront it now rather than after the enemy (any part of this transnational extremist enemy) has WMD, even nukes.

It is a far FAR safer world without the RISK of Saddam getting WMD.
And with Libya out of the WMD game, and without Pakistan in the WMD racket, literally.
And with North Korea coming back into the fold.

It will be a far FAR safer world when we stabilize Iraq and "neutralize" Iran - which will neuter Syria and Hizballah and Hamas.

At that stage, all the wobbly Western nations and dubious Arab and North African and Muslim nations around the world will be much more able to openly and unreservedly combat these extremists. And the global war against islamic extremism - WW4 - will be then won.

This war is at least as important to the Free World and the 21st Century as the US Civil War was to the USA and the 19th C. A loss in this war would be like losing to Hitler and Stalin and Mao COMBINED.

We must go wobbly and let the 21st Century Copperheads get control. If they do - if Hillary or Obama or Edwards or ANY DEMOCRAT gets in the White House, then we shall surely lose. If not SURRENDER.

Bush is like Lincoln, and the Democrat Party of today is like the Copperhead dominated Democrat Party of 1865. (More HERE. AND HERE.) [Great post on Lincoln here. And Murtha and the Copperheads HERE.]

Look at it this way: the islamic extremists are like a global KKK-cubed and on speed - and all us non-extremist Muslims are ni**ers. The West should no more give into the islamic extremists than the USA give into the Confederacy or the Klan.

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