Friday, August 17, 2007



If Arnie could win it, then maybe Rudy could win it.

At the very least, he could force the Dems to spend a lot more time and money there.


Sara (Pal2Pal) said...

Don't count Romney out in California. He will play very well here and most especially in So. Cal. where there is a huge huge Mormon population. For instance, when my kids were still in middle and high school, every family on our street was a Mormon and the local LDS meeting house was the teenage hangout because it was safe and supervised, had a full court basketball court and they encouraged the teenagers to hangout there rather than on the streets where they would get in trouble. It also had the only Boy Scout troops in the area open to everyone not just LDS members. Lots of us non-members sent our kids there because we knew they would be supervised and exposed to good clean fun.

On a personal note, when my husband was away for many months at a time on military deployment, it was the men of this LDS meeting who stepped in and took my son on father/son outings and provided excellent male roll models for him. They even went to his high school football games as a family outing to provide a cheering section for him and often provided transportation when his Dad was unavailable and I could not get off work in time. They never asked if we were members and I will be forever grateful to them.

Sara (Pal2Pal) said...

Oh and one more thing. When I broke my left leg and ended up in a full leg cast from ankle to hip, my daughter told her friend and the friend told her mother. The mother happened to be president of the Relief Society of the local ward mentioned above. The very next day, women from the Relief Society came bearing fully cooked meals and they set up a schedule of their members to provide dinners every night and also to provide transportation for me and do my shopping. When I was ready to go back to work, but could not drive my own stick shift car because I couldn't work the clutch with my left leg in a cast, they arranged to have someone take me to work each day and be there in the evening to bring me home at night. No one ever mentioned religion, nor did anyone ask for or expect any financial remuneration and refused my offer of gas money as well. Good people all.

Reliapundit said...

p2p -

i9 agree that mitt would have a chance, but mnot as good as rudy's, IMHO.

Mitt has taken more conservative positions on the social issues than Rudy, and CA is liberal.

Rudy is more like AHHHHHnold than is Mitt.

Mitt might out some eastern states in play: NJ, PA, CT, even MA!

so there IS a geographical strength to him too - Mitt can make the Dems play defense, too.

I like Mitt + Fred (or cronym/sessions/jeb)
Ands Rudy + Fred (or the others)

for geographical balance, but RUDY+MITT or vice versa would be pkay: bj clinton + gore prved geographical "reach" is not paramount.

the Veep must be PRESIDENTIAL. have potus gravitas.

hillary will pick wes clark - i think that's why he didn't jump in.

if gore gets the nod, then he will pick obama.

if obama wins it he will pick .... er um .. i dunno... kerry?

BTW: i also like RIDGE as a VEEP: he could help us win PA.

he only helps Fred geographically.

all the best!

Sara (Pal2Pal) said...

The problem is that California appears to be more liberal because the larger population centers, like Los Angeles and San Francisco and the immediate surrounding counties are so heavily democrat in registration. But if you look at an election map, you see that the majority of the state county by county is red not blue. So, in a primary, the candidate is appealing to those red counties, not the state as a whole. For instance, my county, a large one in So. Cal. went 58% to 41% for Bush over Kerry in 2004 and my own Congressman Issa led the Davis recall that put Arnold in office. I'm not aware of who he plans to endorse, but he is from Michigan, where Romney's dad was Governor and before coming into Congress, he was the owner of a successful electronics auto security manufacturing business.

Obviously I support Romney and I'd rather see Rudy as Atty. General or heading up Homeland Security, but if he does get the nomination, I'll support him.

Reliapundit said...